How to Backup Your Micromax Android Phone Data?

Today we are going to talk about how can one take a complete backup of their Android device. For doing this we have a wonderful app called – GO Backup helps you take a full backup of your device and restore it according to your wish. The plus point of this app is that it is available for both Rooted and Non-Rooted users, but rooted users will have some additional advantages of the app. The app is available to download from the play store.

Go backup for Android Phones
If you are a non-rooted user, you can easily backup SMS, MMS, Call logs, contacts, WiFi-Access points and the most important applications. If you are a rooted user – the additional advantage that you get is you can backup the application data as well (saved data, Login credentials etc.) also while restoring rooted users can do a batch operation while non-rooted users have to restore the apps one by one manually. So let’s see how can we use this app and take a backup of the device and restore it.

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How to create a backup?

The first and the most important step is to download the application and install it, then launch the application and the app will automatically detect if you have root access on your device, if you have – grant the permissions. To create a backup, tap on the New Backup button on the app’s home-screen.

New Backup option in Go Backup


The app will then ask you to check up all things that you want to backup, but its recommended to go with Full Backup. Once you have decided, tap on the Start Backup Button.

New Backup Restore in Go Backup

The app will then take up the backup of your device and it will be stored on your phone’s SD card. It is recommended to keep a copy of it on your computer, you can mount the SD card on your computer and can copy the backup from /sdcard/GoBackup/AllBackup to your computer.

When you need to restore the backup, make sure the backup file is saved in the correct path and then click on the Restore button. If you have made more than one backup, then select up the backup that you want to restore, also if you don’t wanna restore any component just uncheck it and then click on the Restore button. For non-rooted users you’ll have to press the install button to restore every single app while rooted user can just enjoy by doing up batch operations.

Also one can schedule backup and it is also recommended as suddenly anything can happen, but make sure to delete the old backups so as to save space.

So all-together Go Backup is the key for all your backup tasks, if you still have any doubts comment below.

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