[List] Best Antivirus apps For Micromax Android Phones

Is your android phone really safe? Have you ever thought of having virus in your android phone? Do your smartphone is having the persistent hanging problem? Do your apps stop working suddenly? Then beware you may be a victim of Virus. We install various apps to our phone, play games a lot, loads lots of data (media) to the internal as well as external SD storage but what about security? We don’t even pay attention to it. Below we have posted antivirus apps list for Micromax android phones which you can download and install to your MMX phone and protect it from external threats, etc.

Antivirus for Micromax Canvas and Bolt Phones

Although each time we install an app from Google play store or from web we have to grant permission to access our device, so there are rare chances of any malfunction. And even operating system restricts the apps to interact with other apps in your gadget hence leaving no room for any virus or malicious apps. But still viruses do exist and causes problem in our respective device.

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According to latest headlines past week, it was seen that the Android Malware is increasing at an alarming rate. This news forces us to thinking of buying anti-virus software for our android gadget.

There are many android Malwares like Trojan SMS and Spyware which causes many problems.

How to know there is virus in your Micromax android phones?

If your smart phone is working slow and few of its apps are not working properly, then you may b a victim of Virus invasion. Many a times your apps will stop suddenly stop and your android device suddenly gets switched off, then there may be a malware in your device.

All you have to do is just check for Android Anti-virus in Google Play Store on your android handset.


How to Install Anti-Virus Setup?

There are many Anti-virus apps present on the Google Play Store like AVG Anti-Virus Software, Norton Security Antivirus, Avast Mobile Security, McAfee Antivirus & Security, Mobile Security & Antivirus etc. All you have to do is just open the above mentioned apps and then grant the permission to access your Micromax device. Finally install the app and then scan for viruses on your device. If there will be any virus then it would be removed automatically from your device or the antivirus will let you know which app you should uninstall.


What an Anti-Virus do in your Micromax Android device?

  • Anti-virus kills tasks and process which in any way causes slow down or freezes your device.
  • It keeps check on Battery consumption and enable power saver mode itself. But you may call it an disadvantage that the use of anti-virus may result in more battery consumption.
  • Gives a notifications whenever your 4G,3G or 2G plan is going out of monthly usage limit.
  • It moves your apps between SD card and internal memory so that memory use can be optimized properly.

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What it do to protect your Micromax device?

  • It scans your device completely and checks for effected or harmful content.
  • It search, shop and use social network in such a way that it keeps our personal informational safe.

Leave a comment below if you’ve any doubt.


  1. Jayesh Gaikwad says:

    My Warrenty is over.. can i update my Micromax Canvas HD A116 Free in service centre?
    how many chagrrs will be apply.?

    • The update is not available in the service centers now. You can update manually now. We have posted a guide on it which you can find under ‘OS Updates’ section.

  2. Rohil Mahajan says:

    Is there any means where I can reinstall or upgrade OS by my own? Also I am facing some issues in my phone and seems like it is virus infected as there is a folder named new folder.exe in internal and external card.
    I can not take any risk with my phone, but still want to know service center near Vaishali Ghaziabad.

  3. MANISH SHARMA says:

    there is virus in game hub and not remove beceause it is mobile phone application

  4. pavan says:

    I HV malware in built in app of my Micromax a 74..plz help

  5. manish says:

    how to delete inbuilt apps. In micromax canvas 2.2.

    • admin says:

      For permanent deletion you need to root your phone. If you want to disable those apps such that they don’t show up in the menu section follow: Settings–>applications–>all–>tap on the app–>disable.

      • MARICHAMY says:

        how to delete malware virus in my micromax YU YUREKA PLUS mobile .what is the procedure for delete that apps through root.please tell me about root.if delete that apps any other problems create or not.please give me a step by step procedure.

  6. Deepika Jain says:

    I have micromaxA67 smart phone .there r three inbuilt virus infected apps wherein disable option is not highlighted.unable to uninstall these in built app……pls help

  7. vinod says:

    I have purchase micromax canvas turbo a250 4 days earlier. Is it necessary to download a antivirus from play store? If its necessary , then please advice which antivirus is suitable for my Mobile?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Options are already provided above. Select any one and install it. To be frank Antivirus are not much required in an Android phones but still sometimes it turns out to be useful. so install it!

  8. Gaurav Kamal says:

    I have micromax canvas HD .There is a Trojan malware in game hub & M’Live.How removed this malware from root & update myp s.phone

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Disable those apps or Root your device and permanently remove them from the phone.

      • satender says:

        I have also same problem of trojan
        Infected In Five place Of Guardservice. Bcfservice. Smsservice. Netalpha. Alarmcontroller.
        And Auto Install Engriks
        And some App Like 9 app.uc Mini.etc

  9. I recently purchased a Micromax Unite 2 A 106. Twicw I downloaded Avast from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.mobilesecurity but when I pressed “install”, it says “No device”.

    What to do?

  10. Bimal Sahoo says:

    My Micromax A114 is not working now. Its dead. Some contacts are stored in vault online. Can I get back those contacts. Please reply.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      May be. Install that app in any other phone and login and try to restore and check.

  11. upadhaya pawan says:

    I am having micromax canvas music it is not working properly always showing that your mobile has contains 13 virus and i installed a avast mobile security and scanned the device but it shows no threat found

  12. Sudeep Kumar Singh says:

    I have Micromax A121. Before FM of my phone was working but now its not either I play plugging headphone or on speaker. But when I select ‘start recording’ option,it records and can be able to play through music player. Please tell me sort it out. Please write to me the method to update my phone also.

  13. Tilak sharma says:

    Hi, i hv a micromax unite 2 a106. Which is the best antivirus for my phone.. is cm security antivirus is good plz help

  14. vamshi says:

    how to scan Q380 in windwos7.it is it
    not responding in

  15. swati ghosh says:

    How do I block unwanted calls on my Micromax canvas win121 ph?

  16. rajiv shah says:

    using micromax canvas. problem is apps downloading automatically, phone getting slow, automatically wifi & internet getting on, totally it is unable to use. pls give solution

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Apps downloading automatically from Play store? For this please turn automatic updates off from play store settings.
      Phone Getting slow – This can be caused due to number of reasons, please thoroughly review the data, apps on your device.
      Automatic WiFi and Internet getting On – Please share the instances.

  17. praneeth jain says:

    hey big sized games are stopping in my A068 it is because of virus? what to do plz suggest

  18. koushik reddy B R says:

    my micromax canvas tab p480’s clean master security is expired so
    it shows always firewall service what can I do?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Did you buy it? If it is expired, you can either upgrade it or move on to a free Antivirus app.

  19. Mitali Barman says:

    My antivirus scanning shows that update or change ROM.One malicious app is found there in ROM.How to change ROM.MY model is micromax Q380N.

  20. Hii,
    My micromax canvas hd plus(3 years old) has got an attack from strong virus. Tried all the possible things to remove it like: factory reset many times, antivirus apps, rooting, trojan stubborn virus remover etc. But no luck. Looking forward for your help now. Please suggest something.

  21. riyadaharwal says:

    i recently buy Micromax spark 2 plus …but within 2 day …its music player is not working …what to do??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      What is the error coming up? You can also use other music players which are available on play store such as PowerAmp.

  22. vinod says:

    in my micromax phone , when i am opening google then its getting text that chrome has stop ..

    also in my phone some virus have affected malware may more and some porn image opening and many more i have counted more than 18 virus app running so please help what should i do ..
    i have done all disable but when my data on these app activate an getting one by one pop and sms and its download app automatically

    please please hwlp me..

  23. Samya ghosh says:

    How to solve “indus launcher stoped” issue occurrences severly in micromax unite 4pro model Q465.?pls ans.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Wipe the cache – Try this. If it doesn’t work then download any launchers for your phone from play store like GoLauncher, etc. Otherwise, last option would be factory reset and while going for this option make sure you take backup of your data. All these guides are available on our site. User the search bar to find them.

  24. swati Dhoran says:

    i have a micromax Q352 mobile phone, and its suffering from virus because i connected it to pendrive.. and from that time my phone is continously switch off and display 1 massege “optimizing app” and get switch off automatically.. i sick of from this phone , please! give me solution.

  25. Sir I need to block someone from my phone but I can’t do it from true caller so I need to block it from my phone but micromax A130 don’t have that feature so watch should i do please help me…. Sir

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