Download Android 5.0 Lollipop Launcher for Micromax Phones

Google recently released the Lollipop version of Android and it would be available for the devices soon. One of the Micromax device which is subjected to receive the update is the Android one i.e Micromax Canvas A1. Today the update would be rolled out for the Nexus devices. Till the time your device isn’t subjected to receive the update, you can get the look,  few features and apps of Android L with the help of launchers and stock Android L apps. Launchers are the best way to provide a refreshing look to your device UI.

Android 5.0 Lollipop launcher for Micromax

There are various launcher apps available on play store for the same. We have written a post on it where you can find most popular launchers listed in it.

If your device runs on an outdated Android version and no further Android upgrade is available for your device then you should get a launcher for your phone which would be providing a newer Androids feel.

Few months back we posted the available kitkat launchers for Micromax devices as Kitkat wasn’t available that time.

Now Android L is out and so the launchers featuring its UI. So if you’re running an old Android you can get the feel of this newest Android on your phone by installing a launcher.

The following launchers are available that can be used to provide a lollipop UI to your device. Just in case if you want to know more about this Android version head towards the official site of Android i.e

The below launchers can be downloaded from the play store, make the installed launcher as the default one. You can revert back to the Home launcher anytime by changing the default setting or by uninstalling the installed launcher app.

Kindly share your views about the launchers posted above via a comment.


  1. Shubham Kale says:

    Is this lolipop update available for micromax canvas knight. And if yes is it official??

  2. Harshal Lekurwale says:

    Does Android Lollipop is available for the Canvas Nitro A310?

  3. Javid razvi says:

    Is this lolipop update available for micromax canvas Nitro a310 . And if yes is it official??

  4. MUKESH JOSHI says:

    is it available for canvas gold?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The above mentioned are the launchers and yes they can be installed on canvas gold.


        dear rahul mehta, we know that above mentioned are lollipop launchers,, but we are requesting for update for mmx a300(5.0 version).. pls reply

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          The Lollipop update isn’t available for any Micromax devices, the above post lists the lollipop launchers just to provide a glimpse of what the new upgrade looks like.

          • MANIKANTA b says:

            When micromax team may release update for smartphones

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            No idea, they have not disclosed anything regarding the release of Android upgrades.

  5. Pradeep says:

    Is there any announcement about Lollipop update for “MMX Unite2 A106”?

  6. Manoj Vijay says:

    Will Micromax canvas gold A300 get the android l update? And is it offical ?

  7. Ram Mohan says:

    Does lollypop is is available in future for Micromax nitro a310?

  8. lamminlal thangsing says:

    Does lollipop 5.0 is available in canvas A120, any chance in future

  9. afzal sheikh says:

    Unite 2 Lolipop upgrade hoga kya

  10. Nirmal says:

    Lolipop is available for Micromax A311 phone… Pls reply….

  11. Ganesh Tamhane says:

    Is this lolipop update available for micromax canvas HD PLUS A190 . And if yes is it official??

  12. Nitesh Manglik says:

    When will lollipop update be available for Micromax canvas A1? Please reply at earliest..

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      • Nitesh Manglik says:

        Thank you Mr. Rahul. I got to know that the update will be rolled out by end of Jan 2015 but right now its Feb & I have not received any such update as such.. You also said “SOON” But my question is by when will I get it?? Please reply at earliest.

  13. Sandeep says:

    Lolipop is available for Micromax A311 phone

    • Sathish says:

      Hi Sandeep.,

      i have Micromax A311, tell me how i can update to Lollipop, i want to update official version, please guide me how to do it.


  14. Jay Binod Singh says:

    Rahul, Since last 2 year your reply is always very soon for all update related query… Could you please tell me what is definition of soon in your dictionary or micromax dictionary…. don’t try to fool people… Indian people always try to buy any product from India but if company like micromas is there then people start thinking for imported product… i was brough Canvas 4 appx 2 years back and after that I have 3 more mobile but not micromas… I receive regular update for all another pieces but not for micromax

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hi Jay,

      Firstly, this is not the official Micromax site. We post what we receive from the officials and our sources. This particular post lists just the Lollipop launchers and till date we have not received any list or information on how many MMX devices the Lollipop upgrade will be rolled out.

  15. Sagax says:

    Hi Rahul,

    On other sites i have read that micromax canvas a1 will get the update. Is it true?

  16. Rahul says:

    Lolipop is available for Micromax A300 phone

  17. Anuj says:

    Will canvad knight will get lollipop upgrade soon or not… Its a flagship and had all supported hardware to rum lollipop smothly … ????

  18. samanvay jain says:

    Why is Micromax not giving lollipop update to canvas nitro.

    Micromax should improve this bug.
    Unit 2 is now updated to lollipop.

  19. shekhar fulara says:

    Why is Micromax not giving lollipop update to canvas Gold

  20. dipamrai says:

    will lollipo update be available for micromax canvas hue?

  21. bhudeb says:

    My canvas sparks gives wrong time. Setting is automatically changing to wrong

  22. bhudeb says:

    It does not work. Time problem cannot be fixed

  23. nagendra says:

    how can i find types of fonts on my a311 nitro,when i upgrade my a311 for inistall types of fonts.

  24. nagendra says:

    there is only one draback in a311 that that thare in no option to change fonts style if you provide by upgrading then there is no smart phone like that so please prove this as soon as possible. i think you do.

  25. nagendra says:

    Rahul says:
    March 22, 2015 at 11:31 am
    Lolipop is available for Micromax A300 phone
    if it is true then told me that how can i upgrade it because on uodating option says your system is uptodate.

  26. Anup sane says:

    Please somebody tell me how anybody can upgrade to another official ROM on canvas gold.. And is it beneficiary..

  27. Shilu says:

    Does lollipop 5.0 is available in canvas A120, any chance in future

  28. Purnadebdutta says:

    Micromax Bolt Q324 update to 5.0??

  29. sasikumar says:

    when release micromax a311 Lollipop update?

  30. Prabha says:

    Hi rahul Plz release micromax a350 Lollipop update?

  31. Srijesh says:

    I an using Unite 2 of Micromax and received updation of Lollypop from Kitkat. Update the same and it consumes full RAM automatic unsubscribe many apps and always showing low space and not able to download any single apps.

    Kindly suggest how to re-convert my android to Kitkat agains.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      There is a guide present on our site on how to revert back to Kitkat, check under OS Updates section present on our site.

      • Srijesh says:

        Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul.

      • Inderpal Singh says:

        Now a day i have found upgrade to lolipop 5.0 version for micromax canvas 2.2 A114 on net is it right and is it official

  32. George says:

    Is the lollipop update available for the newly released Micromax canvas nitro 2(E311)

  33. Lakshmanan says:

    Dear sir,
    I have a used mobile micromax a350 when will you receive the update to lollipop

  34. will there be a lollipop version of micromax knight A350 be launched ???

  35. Manish Sharma says:

    is lollipope update available for micromax e311..

  36. Aap log sirf naye phones become me hi lage rahenge ya purane phones ke liye new update bhi denge… Kya Micromax lena galat decision tha…?

  37. arvind says:

    Is lollipop available on bolt q 324

  38. janakdeep says:

    software me Kaise dalu

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