Micromax A106 Unite 2 Android Lollipop Update now Available

It looks like Android Lollipop upgrade is now available for Micromax Unite 2 device, the official ROM got listed on Moulnisky.com and many users have already flashed it on their U2 device successfully. The upgrade can be installed on both 4GB and 8GB variant however on the site it has been advised to flash on only 8GB model. The reviews that we had seen in Unite 2 groups on Facebook are showing on positive side. The update isn’t made available over the air by the officials and no such announcement has been made by MMX yet.

Android Lollipop for Micromax Unite 2

If you would like to read the detail guide on how to flash a ROM manually do check out our previous post. Android Lollipop was made available for Canvas xpress few days back and Yureka is also subjected to receive an update by CyanogenMod soon. Micromax has also launched two devices canvas fire 2 and canvas juice 2 with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. Micromax Android one A1 is also going to receive the update in the coming week and Hue would also receive the upgrade as they promised to provide one.

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Coming back to the topic, the ROM is available to download from Moulnisky. Below is the image where this link will be directed, it is clearly written over there that the Lollipop ROM is available and would work with 8GB variant of Unite 2 however I have personally seen 4GB variant users upgrading to Android 5.0.

Lollipop ROM for Unite 2 A106


Android Lollipop on Unite 2 Screenshot

Micromax Unite 2 Lollipop About Phone screenshotLollipop screenshot on Unite 2













 Lollipop Update for Unite 2 from service centre

Also, users got their Unite 2 device updated from service centres as well. So, if you’re not very much familiar with flashing ROMs on your device you should better contact the service centre to have your device upgraded.

PS: Do contact the service centre people before actually visiting them about the update availability. As per the posts on the Unite 2 group on Facebook the update is now available on support centres.

Note: If you’re going to upgrade your device manually you will lose all your data so it is better to have a proper backup of the data present on your device. Search the backup guide on our site.

The OTA might be rolled out by MMX officials soon, not sure when. If you have any questions please let us know.

Update: OTA update is now available for Unite 2.


  1. Alam Huge says:

    When update available on OTA For Micromax unite2

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      OTA release date isn’t known yet.

    • Sadip dey says:

      From 7th april micromax unit 2 will get lolipop 5.0 update by OTA
      or you also will get by going “settings –about– Software update– Yes–download”

      • trynet says:

        I still not received the OTA update for my unite2. what to do?

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Official says the OTA update will be available soon.

          • hirak sinha says:

            is it available at service center

          • Rahul Mehta says:


          • Arvind yadav says:

            I have update my unite 2 8gb to lolipop but my internal storage is so less to install any other app.
            So can i increase thats ROM
            If not so plz tell me how can i downgrade my phone to kitkate version.
            Because their is no space in my rom to use it frequently.

          • Rahul Mehta says:
          • varama says:

            Hi sir rgis is Karthikeya . my mobile is micromax a106 i up grade new software 5.0 now my mobile ram space is to low Facebook or social apps not istaled . i install any application in internal storage running out any my mobile notification see it

    • Abhishek Soni says:

      I heard that, the lollipop update is for only 8GB ROM version of Unite 2.

      & Yes. . I have a 4gb rom version but didn’t got the update yet.

    • gaurav siraskar says:

      I update

    • gaurav siraskar says:

      I updated my unite 2 kitkat to lolipop version but facing problem in phone storage and cant able to update any application please suggest me something bcz am facing too much problem

  2. Shubham says:

    is this update work for 4gb rom ?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      As per the listing on Moulnisky it is for 8GB model, try it at your own risk.

  3. Abhinav Soni says:

    Any Chances for CHD Lolipop Update..??

  4. Sumit Sharma says:

    I want to ask that can I flash this ROM (Unite 2 A106 8GB ) on my canvas 2 colors A120 8GB

  5. Afzalsheikh says:

    Moulnisky se upgrade kar sakte kya lollipop 5

  6. Mohanraj says:

    is there any problems occurs after updating unite 2 to lollipop os ???????

    • shambhavi Pathak says:

      Vedio calling option is not available in upgraded version.

      • Ash says:

        Yes, it uses a large memmory space. And many apps including google crome has been disappeared. Due to the less system space, i cant download apps… How can i fix it?

  7. adithya says:

    wat abt canvas 2 colors….??

  8. Nithish says:

    once i rooted my unite 2 to slove apps storage problem… coz of thz ill nt miss my ota update ri8???

  9. kiran kumar says:

    Wynn we will get update for canvas 4 its all been one year waiting Pls tell us rahul

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      No official confirmation from official about Canvas 4. Can’t say anything.

  10. noor alam says:

    When update available in fota for micromax unite2. I am waiting fot that.

  11. Manish says:

    I Have updated my phone unite2 from care but it didnot upgraded to lolipo, still in kitkat.

  12. Aman says:

    kindly request to you to provide some updates of canvas viva a72 at least try to provide version 4.0 ice cream sandwich.please do something .it’s urgent .

  13. alam huge says:

    Micromax Unite 2 to Receive Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Next Week.Micromax on Thursday announced the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Micromax Unite 2 (Review | Images) will begin rolling out over-the-air (OTA) from Tuesday

  14. Ash k says:

    april 7 , 2015 is the day mmx provide ota update..
    i flash on my 4gb model but internal space & apps can’t move 2 sd…will ota update solve this 2 problem?? reply

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I have personally not checked this, kindly check the reviews of users who have flashed this ROM.

      • guitarist says:

        Hi, I got a notification on my phone that an update is available I.e upgrade to lollipop. I do have a WiFi connection but when I as soon as it starts downloading it fails saying that cannot connect to network. What to do?

  15. ashish says:

    Status bar is not tinted

  16. ota update will solve problem of internal storage & move2 app sd card like kitkat…

  17. kalia says:

    update available officially 7 April onwards through ota

  18. april 7 mmx provide lollipop update through ota..
    android 5.0 is not good…lots of issues.. so many companies skip to update android 5.0 & android 5.1 provide..
    mmx understand that problems but y its give android 5.0 i don’t know…

  19. shikhar says:

    yess!!! as the new is running tomorrow there will be OTA update for micromax unite2..let see what happens n as ASH said there’re issues with lollipop 5.0 but not that much and its better for those users who are still on kitkat… cuz lollipop noffers a whole new user expirence!!!!

  20. jintu says:

    Sir sarvise center pe lollipop free me update karva sakte he ya uska charge lagega plzz helpp

  21. alam huge says:

    Micromax team ne kaha tha ki 7th April ko lollipop milega for unite2. Lekin abhi tok nehi mila kiu?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      OTA will be rolled in sometime, manually you can upgrade your device anytime.

  22. Abhishek Pradyot says:

    Is it sure that update will be rolled out om OTA?

  23. Ranvijay Kumar Singh says:

    Kya canvas a300 (gold) ko lollipop ka update milega

  24. Ranvijay Kumar Singh says:

    Mera Canvas a300 ka build number t22 Hai. service center me t26 available hai. Ye t26 kya Hai. Kya ye lollipop ke aas pass ka koi Koch Hai.

  25. Sadip dey says:

    I update micromax unit 2 to lolipop at service center but after upgrade it lose video calling feature please tell how can i make 3g video call .video call icon does not shown in dialer pad

  26. tamizh arasan says:

    In service center how they upgrade the phone , via ota or some other techniques

  27. Nice says:

    Will mmx a114 will get android 5.0 update or atleast 4.4? its been months im waiting for update mmx a114 processor is good like canvas a1 so why not giving update….. Like this no one will buy mmx mobile in future

  28. Kartik says:

    How can I update officially

  29. Babu Bhandari says:

    Hello,Plz can u tell ,is there any official lolipop update for unite 2…..

  30. krishna says:

    hey. how many ram space does it take after upgrading android lollipop in a106 8gb rom.

  31. Antony says:

    Sir, by internet news the lollipop ota update will be launched in april 17 2015. But why the ota update isn’t yet available. Pls tell the date bro

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      That will be available, not sure why the officials didn’t roll the OTA update yet.

      • sravan kumar says:

        Sir what is the app installation space on 8gb model after lollipop update

  32. Arani Dey says:

    After updating to lollipop, facing some issues over default write disk and moving apps and game data to external SD card. A mild lag is in the dialer app. The Micromax Checkpoint guys told that they can’t reverse it to kitkal before the 30th day from the day of the lollipop update for some IMEI No issues. In terms of utility, it’s not a worthy update at all. New UI and material design of lollipop can make you pay by limiting the storage. Think again. Looking for 19th May to uninstall the lollipop update and get the Kitkat version from the service centre so that I can avail the OTA update.

  33. sucharan says:

    I got my unite 2 updated from Micromax service center and it is free and android lollipop is awesome

  34. Its almost 2 weeks past from releasing lollipop udpate still i didnt get notification of update n even tried on software update

    • shambhavi Pathak says:

      Go to the service centre, they will upgrade your phone within half an hour for free(if your phone is under warranty period) , otherwise they will charge 100 Rs . for it.

  35. Neil says:

    Hey , guys I’m new and just 14 , so today went to Settings>About phone>Software Update…it said “Your device software is up to date” , but via the net , it has been said the update has already come out for Canvas Unite 2(my phone) , so must I go to a service centre? It’ll be better right?

  36. Vikas vishal says:

    i tried to upgrade my micromax unite 2 4 gb to lollipop ,the process of downloading stops at 97%, still phone works well but mobile network not avilable (IMEI) problem….help!!!!

  37. Lalit says:

    hi rahul,
    OTA for MMX A106 is available or not.
    I rooted my phone then also i will receive update r8????

  38. WarLock says:

    i hav unite 2 with installed Lollipop custom ROM can i install another Lollipop ROM again in my unite 2 or do i have to flash it with officialy Kitkat ROM first?

  39. kindly let me know when will be the update releasing officially

  40. Babu Bhandari says:

    I hve updated my unite 2 to lolipop bt it is not a full version..

  41. sreegish says:

    Iam using micromax unite 2 8gb rom and my device is rooted, its not showing update by going to settings,about phone,software update
    Is this is because i rooted my device?
    Please help

  42. shambhavi Pathak says:

    I updated my micromax unite 2(8gb) from android 4.4.2 to 5.0, from service centre . But from the date of update , I am unable to do 3g vedio calling on it, what can I do?

  43. Shravab says:

    I have heard abiut bluetooth, app manager (moving to SD) and wifi

  44. Shravan says:

    I have heard about Bluetooth, WiFi connectivo

  45. Shravan says:

    I have heard about Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity and apps to SD card issue in lollipop update.

    Will these bugs be fixed on the OTA version?)

  46. akshul says:

    What is the app storage for unite2 in lollipop ROM(it is .89 GB in KitKat ROM)?

  47. prashant shukla says:

    service center ke dwara micromax unite 2 ka kitkat version …. lollipop main upgrade karne main kitna time lagega……????

  48. hemant sharma says:

    hi bro mere unit 2 he mujhe lolipop karana he kitkat se bahut try kia par nahi hua plzzz help me bro

  49. Yasin Khan says:

    Hey Bro I Heard Mmx Will Release The Official Update Of Lollipop On Tuesday, What Is That True?

  50. adarsh k lal says:

    Dude, is that a custom rom?. The official update will be only available through O.T.A-Is that?
    My friend got the update through ota but i didn’t Y??

  51. bhagath says:

    Its been two weeks after launching lollipop
    But i am still not able to update
    Saying the current system software is up to date
    What should i do now

  52. rahul kumar says:

    Hey what about Micromax fire2 when is its upgrade is coming

  53. Ale says:

    April 7th was the date the OTA updates were supposed to be out. But I still haven’t received any such notification,

    • Arun says:

      Finally today unite 2 got an ota update
      To upgrade follow these steps
      1 settings-apps-all-google framework – clear data
      2 about phone – hit the update tap

  54. Vicky kumar says:

    When update unite2 with mobile

  55. r.krishna says:

    i want to upgrade lolipop to our a106

  56. Gajendra says:

    Hellooo,, OTA for U2 is now available you will get popup notification, if didn’t got that, you can manually check and update to lollipop, the update is available in 2 parts…

  57. I hv updated to lollipop os.. Received ota update yst.. Aft updating am nt able to download apps.. The default write disk is on phne storage and there is almost 5gb of free space bt i cant download apps frm play store it shows me insufficient memory.. Pls help. I’m using unite 2 8gb model

  58. sagar jaiswal says:

    hello everyone

    i have updated my micromax unite2 from the official software updater of the phone.
    everything went good but the phone is not detecting my sim cards and it says as no service.
    i tried calling from other phone to my unite 2, it says the no. is off.
    Can any please help me regarding this.


    • Raghavendra Navada says:

      same problem with me also, yesterday night i upgrade my unite2 8gb kitkat to lollipop but i now cheked phone storage not available and network not working that shows sim off,any one know how to solve this problem or how to revert back to kitkat please

    • Kevin says:

      Check this. Dial *#06#
      If u can see your imei number your phone will be working if it doesnt show your imei number so you have to visit micomax gallery.

    • satish kariya says:

      my sim not detacting after update.
      also now phone is stuck at bootlogo.

    • sr panigrahi says:

      same happened withme also, the external SD card not detected . The phone memory shows as internal memory and Internal SD card shows as Phone Memory. Is external SD card detectable. any one tellme.

  59. Rahul says:

    plz help me. mera ph kitkat se lollipop update karne ke baad video calling option show nahi kar raha. net open hi nahi ho raha hai.. kya mein fir se lollipop ke jagah kitkat version use kar sakta hu mere phone se??

  60. Rahul Giri says:

    on 29th May I got the 5.0 update for Micromax A106 but after that I m facing problems…
    1) it’s 8GB ROM but still after installing 3-4 apps it shows internal memory full as internal memory shows only 1GB approx instead of 2GB.
    2) this problem still exist even after moving apps to phone memory ( SD card is not available for moving app)

  61. Kapeel says:

    Is der any chance aftr updating U2 (4gb model) dt d internal storage(1.67 gb) n d phone storage(0.89gb) would combine? NWat abt d performance of phone… Please do reply.. Thank u!

  62. Harsh says:

    hey i have updated my phone through the servise centre and the recent aaps are not working properly and i downgrade it also and now i got a notification that the update us ready to download can i download the ota one ? Or not plz help bro…….. Plz

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can try, otherwise revert back to Kitkat. We recently posted a guide for the same.

  63. Kevin says:

    Dont update mmx unite2.
    Because i have updated today.
    And it has updated correcly. But when i insterd sim card. Its not detecting and your imei number is also destroyed so don’t update

  64. Shouvik says:

    Hello! I am currently using a micromax unite 2 4gb rom running on kitkat. My phone show that a lollipop ota update is available but i have read many reviews saying there is a lot of problems in the new update like default storage, app transfer to sd card etc. Can u plz make it clear? Is that update is good or better to stay with the existing??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Kitkat runs better on 4GB variant, I’d suggest not to upgrade.

  65. Bhavesh Champaneri says:

    Any news about micromax canvas 2 color.
    When will it get the lollipop update??????

  66. Ashish says:

    I m using unit 2 Mble and i got notification about lolipop from operamini and try to upgrade but its not conecting what can i do plz reply me

  67. Digambar Bhusari says:

    mera phone unite 2 4gb hai or mujhe usake lollipop review chahiye

  68. faruque says:

    Guys i just updated my phone to lollipop. My suggestion is not go for it in unit2.
    First you won’t be able to download or installed a new apps as the update almost took all the internal memory for apps.
    I wana roll back to kitkat. If anyone knows here how can i roll back to kitkat please do share with me
    Best regards to all

  69. suraj says:


  70. Nihal says:

    hey rahul
    i am unable to open software update in unite 2 After partioning help please
    it says ‘unfortunatly setings has stoppped’

  71. kunal sing says:

    My unite 2 has 4.4.2 Version but recently i update it into android 5.0.2..but there are no video callig option,what can i do to get this video calling option??help me plzz

  72. ashish chaturvedi says:

    I want reupdate it. It is not update fully. How to reupdate. Unite 106

  73. Neha Das says:

    Sir… Yesterday i hv upgraded lollipop version 5.0 & now my phn’s internal memory has decreasd its sayng internal storage running out… Sir wat to do … I cannot download more than 3 apps … Sir plss suggest how to get my old app kitkat version….. I want to reinstall it…plss suggest…

    Waiting fr ur suggestion

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Follow the link present in the above post to get back the Kitkat OS on your device.

  74. Yash negi says:

    Ive a 8gb model. I heard dat thru sc updatr we’ll gt 4.9 gb app storage? Bt deres no move2sd option?plus i hv repartioned my u2 to 2.5 gb app n odr 3.5 gb int sd…so if i update thru update notification m gettng on my phn..will i still gt 2.5 gb fr apps or ill b reverted back to 890mb? Pls ans all queries
    Regards yash

  75. Meraj Muzafar says:

    I have updated my micromax A106 from kit kat to lollipop but after succesful installation ,sim card is not detected by phone.Its showing No Service….what I have to do….Wi Fi is stil working….

  76. roshan says:

    very bad…. after updating it to lolli pop my phone is not working properly….
    1. sim card not detected
    2. automatic increase and decrease of volume level.
    3. stuck in to safe mode
    very bad fix this problem micromax

  77. kaushlendra says:

    invalid imei fix parmanent

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