Why you MUST enable Android Device Manager on your Micromax Phone?

Our mobile phone is one of the most important thing which we regularly check, use and yes we are addicted to it. Don’t get me wrong but we don’t even go out anywhere without our phone, mobile phones have become like a necessity. With increase usage of technology whether in terms of social media, pictures or anything we are using our phones for a very long time on regular basis. Keeping this importance into mind do you care about your phone? By writing this, I mean do you keep a check on its security? We do have our important and personal data on our phone and in case it is stolen our data is in danger.

Android Device Manager on Micromax Phones

And, in case of mobile theft we are not left with much options as there are very less chances that you would get your phone back. So, why not we work for 5 minutes on our phone for its safety!

Google features Android Device manager on all the latest Android devices and Micromax Android devices possesses the same. There are certain Android users who have their part-time Google email address (gmail) associated with their phone which is not good. You should always use your personal google email whose password and detail you actually remember.

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Android Device Manager for Micromax Phones

Android device manager must be enabled on your Micromax Android devices so that in case it is stolen or you left/forgot it somewhere you are able locate it or if not you’re able to delete your personal data for your privacy and security.

Follow the below steps to enable Android device manager on your Micromax phone for its proper functioning:

In case your device doesn’t follow the below mentioned path, I’d advise you to look for it by checking all the options under settings:

  1. Enable Android Device Manager as the device Administrator: For this Go to settings–> Security–> Device Administrators –> Check/Tick Android Device Manager. If not found under security, check under privacy.
  2. Turn on your location & history: You would need to turn your location access. For this go to settings–> Locations–> Turn on the access.  If not found under security, check under privacy–> Locations.

You have enabled the requisite for Device manager to function properly.

Track/Find Stolen/lost Micromax Phone using Android Device Manager

To test or if your phone is stolen and you got to track/locate it then you can do so by installing an app on your friend’s phone or you can actually go to web-based version of Find my device.

  1. Install Find my Device on any other Android device and log in with your google email address which was associated with your mobile phone. OR
  2. Go to Find Your phone by Google Website and sign in using your same google email address (gmail).

The data connection on the device must be enabled before you try to track your stolen Micromax phone. You can track the location where actually your device is present. Once you reach the location you can send a request for RING, the device would ring for 5 minutes and you can get to know where it is.

Android Device Manager on Micromax Phones

Image credits: Find my Device

Also, you can erase the content on your device for your privacy. The other feature that you can use is the lock device feature which would lock the device and the user would not be able to unlock it. Along with it, a message would be displayed of your choice.

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Android device manager options

Let us know if you face any issues facing the above mentioned steps. We will add few more apps which are useful in finding your phone in sometime. Keep checking our site for more.

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