Android 4.4 Kitkat: Release Date & Features For Micromax Canvas Phones

Micromax, everything regarding Micromax is said about 10 times. And true Micromax really deserve all the praises. As it is one of the brand which releases phones which we can say affordable, best and sleek design plus mesmerizing features. In this post we will let you know that when you will update your phone to 4.4 kitkat version what features will you observe in your phone. There are like lots of new features and we have tried to cover all of them in this post.

Android 4.4 kitkat features For Micromax Phones

You all must be thinking what this fuss is all about, why Kit-Kat 4.4 is on everyone’s tongue. Actually all this fuss is worth of it, as Kit-kat 4.4 provides us the variety of brand new features which will make you curb for it.

Android 4.4 Kitkat Features For Micromax Canvas Phones

Android KitKat 4.4 with features like finger into face-time and edge to edge chocolate coverage gives you a whole new lot of versatile multi-sensory experience.

It is having a feature which will let you control your Micromax Device just through your voice when you are still on your home screen.

And while listening to the music one can see amazing albums and movie art running on your device even when it is in lock state with the ability of play, pause and seek to a specific moment whenever you want.

Now reading, playing games or watching a movie on your android becomes more appealing as all of these apps take an center stage with the help of all new immersive mode which actually let you feel as if you are truly immersed in your Micromax Android phones.

And with a swipe at the edge of your micromax android phone you can get back your status bar and navigation button.

Faster Multi-Tasking: a boon to the generation which want speed

Android Kit-Kat 4.4 has considerably increased the speed of the system by optimizing the memory. Increased Multi-tasking means it let one to do many things at the same time like you can listen to the music while reading any novel on your device.

Android Kit-Kat 4.4 is having an android app which automatically prioritize all the contacts which are on your micromax android device. It enables you to keep your business and personal contacts separately.

Now you don’t have to download true caller for your micromax android phone as all new Android Kitkat 4.4 provides smarter caller ID which will look for matches in your local listing of your business with the help of Google Map.

With HANGOUT app not even all your messages and MMS are on a single location but it also enable you to share a location and send animated gifts to your loved ones.

Apart from it there are hell lot of Japanese emoticons called “Emoji” on your Google keyboard which let you express your emotions in a better way and you can even print your photos, documents or web pages just by connecting your Google cloud printer to any of the printer having apps in Google play store.

And with the help of apps like Quickoffice, saving or moving a file from either cloud or from any storage device to your Micromax device is now quite easy. For more details visit the official page of Android 4.4 kitkat by Google.

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Release of Kitkat Android 4.4 on Micromax Phones

The exact release date is not known yet but it is expected to be available between April-June 2014 (UPDATED). For reference, read this post.

If you’ve any exclusive info regarding this update. Do let us know via a comment.


  1. ragesh says:

    thats kwel my brother 🙂 nice to hear you

  2. ESHWAR says:

    hi,i am very happy with this update but i have to know whether is this update will be OTA for canvas 2 A110.its glad if company sends a sms to all of thier fans when their date of release is for!

  3. Jitu Yadav says:

    This is a really nice step from MMX this step take mmx to a new level. Bt now the big question in my mind is wether this update through OTA or we have to go to service center?

  4. MicromaX Proved Nothing Like Any Thing.
    I am excited about fell of 4.4 KitKat on my Canvas 2.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. dhaval rashiwala says:

    Plz tell me when the 4.4 is available for my canvas 2 a110

    • arvind says:

      Yes..mmx is going to release its update on canvas 2 a110 too… Actually its releasing 4.4 on every canvas model. I own canvas turbo and i love it.

  6. Akash says:

    I am glad to know that micromax is increasing in its update list of canvas devices.

  7. Praveen Stomp says:

    Thanx for ur support,

    My nly question is, will 4.4 be available surely by February, thru OTA?

  8. Vimal says:

    Guys.. i have a doubt.. Does Every Micromax canvas 4 user has only Android version 4.2.1 for now?? I bought the Cell just few days back.. Am confused if 4.2.1 is the Highest availabe update fr Canvas 4! Pls reply

  9. lidya says:

    i am looking forward to purchase canvas 4 on 12th or within 20th will i able to update just after 10days of purchase?

    • Can’t say anything as we don’t have the exact date when this update will be rolled out.

  10. Aditya says:

    When it will be available for canvas magnus a117 ?Plz reply

  11. Santhosh says:

    Android 4.4 updates via OTA or manually?

  12. manavalan says:

    I can’t trust anymore Micromax.
    Many tmea in the past I heard from you about the updates. This is just a marketing trick whenever they release the new model.
    I am sure they will not do any update…

  13. rakesh says:

    USB not working with my device ,,so how”s possible to update with 4.4 ..Any idea??

  14. manavalan says:

    Hey, where my earlier comment Gone?
    Does original voice of MMX confirms the update. When o was spiking to my friend working in MMX he said these all marketing tricks and now it is proven. If both the comments doesn’t come then I have both the screen shots from my canvas 4 and it will goto face book. I mean it

    • Hi Manavalan,

      I just checked the whole comment section belonging to this particular post didn’t find any other comment beside this one. I think you posted your comment on any other post.

      PS: This isn’t the official site of Micromax.

  15. Rishi Goswami says:

    I also need kit kat on my brand new canvas 2 plus a110q but even I don’t find the update option so please help. Any ways I m a big fan of canvas phones but please help me. But If the update is available how would I know?

    MMX please help me, You have to help me…………///…………….

  16. Will kitkat support magus a117?

  17. avinash says:

    hey my mobile phn is micromax a88 canvas music their is no any option of system update so i m getting new os kitkat plz give me ur help wid my computer

  18. ashish regmi says:

    When is the date for the release of kitkat for canvas 4 .. its been month waiting for update. all that everyone says is official date are not available yet. MMX Co. should be reliable towards customer and give them fresh update fast as possible.

  19. Awesome says:

    Mr.Admin, I have a canvas doodle A111. There appears to be a glitch where I cannot check for an update on my phone. So if kitkat rolls out, I cannot get it for my phone even though it is listed. I don’t want to take it to a service center because I have tons of apps and data on it. Please help me out!

  20. Arun Kumar says:

    is kit kat wil be available for canvas hd??
    now wat is the latest os for hd??

  21. Kamal Agarwal says:

    Did micromax announce the perticular date for 4.4 update ??

  22. K R Santhosh Kumar says:

    When kitkat will be available?

  23. Sachin Kale says:

    How can i get the information KitKat OS update.

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  24. Ramesh Veni says:

    I have micromax turbo A 250

    An y timelimit for getting 4.4 kitkat

    Atleast 4.3

    Or its game for sales

  25. When’s the release date for the kitkat update???pls2….i wanna have it…. 🙂

  26. Sreejith Nair says:

    …..At which date miceomax A116 will be updated

  27. Syed Zeeshan says:

    It looks like Kit Kat is not releasing.
    It was 2 months from this post created.
    I think update is failed.

  28. swapnil says:

    whenever I check for software update in my micromax canvas hd a116i….the answer comes no update available and below it also comes ‘network connection failed’

    plz tell the solution asap


  29. its olrdy mid february,,,, n still no sign of the os updates for canvas doodle 2….

  30. sandeep says:

    It’s been really frustrating, that we don’t get the exact date of the Upgrade..,
    How long a customer should wait!!!!!

    Instead of releasing the brand new handsets every week/month, Consider providing the OS updates.

  31. We are into mid-February. No word yet on the updates. Are we really going to get the updates?? 🙁

  32. Damnit says:

    Sounds like we still have to wait a long time until the update comes….

    Android KitKat update for MediaTek based Micromax devices is scheduled in early Q2 2014.— @MMXNewscaster (@MMXNewscaster) 11. Februar 2014

  33. Gaurav says:

    On twitter mmxnewscaster tweeted about the 4.4 kitkat update till quarter 2nd of this year.plz can you guys request for faster update.

    • Hi Gaurav,
      Disappointed with this news :/ Let’s hope they roll out the update soon.

      Thanks for providing the info

  34. Ashish Saxena says:

    I have canvas 4 and I am also waiting for KitKat official update. KitKat is awesome as I am using it already but its a non-official version. Its strange that there is no official statement from company which would make people believe that micromax is rolling out KK update for canvas series. Hope that update will be released soon.

  35. Kitkat 4.4 doesnt support otg and i cant connect my pendrive to my phone.If i buy my phone from a shop on march 10,will it have 4.4 or4.2.1.I liked nothing about 4.4

  36. Guys.. i have a doubt.. Does Every Micromax canvas 4 user has only Android version 4.2.1 for now?? I bought the Cell just few months back.. Am confused if 4.2.1 is the Highest availabe update fr Canvas 4! Pls reply or when i update my phone to 4.4 kitkat ?

  37. Devesh says:

    I am going to buy a micromax canvas turbo A250 in a few days. I want android v. 4.4 kitkat on that phone so i buy it now and update it later when available or buy it after the releasing of kitkat.
    Please reply me_ _ _

    • Rahul Singh says:

      Bhai…mehta ji doent know..yet we all hav 2 wait 4 his officials 2 reply…..lets wait will Q2 is over..last day pf me being a mmx fan…..

  38. Nitesh singh says:

    please give the date of the kikat update

  39. Devesh says:

    Did micromax canvas knight have the ota support for android 4.4? please reply.

  40. Harjeet says:

    i think they r not going to release kitkat till 2020. so guys don’t wait for kitkat on your micromax phones 😀

  41. Manish says:

    I am planning to buy Canvas HD 116i. It’s a good phone but only lack is the older OS. I am planning to wait for a month before I buy this phone. So, if Micromax doesn’t declare the KitKat update or an update date for this device, I would prefer Motorola G, but with hard heart. I searched several forums but Micromax is yet silent on the update and all the forums talks about the twitter leaks that talks about the rumor on the update (Can’t rely it). Could any one associated with Micromax confirm a date on the KitKat update on Canvas HD a116i, please?

  42. vikas says:

    Aa gya h kitkat…abhi abhi aaya h..yahhoooooo

  43. Shubham Gupta says:

    Hey konse model ke liye? And whether over the air or at service centres?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      nothing confirmed yet. We would have to wait for the official confirmation on this.

      • Rahul Singh says:

        Mehta ji
        Let me reply on yr behalf..
        1. If 1st Jan is ..then Q2 last date z June 30
        2. If April z ..then all mmx fans pls wait till Sep.30..
        Hapy waiting
        Rahul Singh

  44. gaurav mishra says:

    on fb page they said the update date is expected on may. but still no update.

    Even now XOLO role out the kitkat update for some of its devices

    I dont know what the MMX pepole r doing. Just launching pHones but not updates…

    Very bad coz updates r the important part also. And if MMX pepole want to sit on top so they have to concentrate on updates also. Coz samsung rollsout lots of updates

  45. syed says:

    The official kitkat update for mmx canvas series is on 13th of june.

  46. Prateek Gupta says:

    thats true that micromax is nothing like anything
    but i want to know that when android update for canvas doodle a111 device gets its official update ???

  47. Dumindu Darshana says:

    Is update ready? Plz let me us know.

  48. Pushkar says:

    July is gonna end now….-_-

  49. vishal says:

    all canvas kitkat os device support otg cable or able to mount the pen drive? guys just give me the answer.please

  50. hello

    pls confirm is MMX a110 canvas 2 support kit kat 4.4 version of android.


  51. Sandyy Pch says:

    This news has been hanging for almost one year. But still no update available….. Is this a joke?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The news was sourced from MMXNewsCaster tweet, Micromax is working to provide kitkat to its leading devices.

  52. Ranjan says:

    I have purchased Canvas 4 A 210 in December 2013. And my Android software version is 4.2.1, Can I upgrade it to Kitkat 4.4.4. or what will be suitable for this device because I have been bore to this version. Tell me what to do. See your 10 January comment..

  53. Anirudh sharma says:

    Sir my canvas 2 AA110 is not updating when I try to update it says that your system is up to date I have ice cream sandwich please help me out….

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