Android 4.4 KitKat Availability on Micromax Canvas Devices

Google has recently released android 4.4 kitkat. This is one of the most popular operating system and very few mobile devices have this newest version like the Nexus 5 Smartphone. There are several features which make android 4.4 kitkat a cool one. Google is always on something and now android sees 4.4 KitKat as a mature OS. The old version does not mean you have to rebuild the whole thing, so the latest version is prettier, faster and better.In this particular post we will let you know the features of this new Android OS and availability of Android 4.4 Kit Kat on Micromax Android Phones.

Android KITKAT For Micromax Phones

Android 4.3 on Micromax phones is still not available few days back a tweet from MMXNewsCaster stated that the 4.3 version is quite buggy hence delayed too.

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The OS is available on the cheapest handsets having cloud services and there are several other features. Here are few features explained:

Features of Android 4.4 KitKat:

•    This OS is made for low cost gadgets and has optimized the features for the low end device. This operating system runs smoothly on tablets and smart phones.
•    The OS smart caller ID will give priority to the people you talk mostly.
•    The app is redesigned and has user interface tweaks.
•    The app has more features like you can SMS in hangouts and image icons are available.
•    In this operating system, Google is also improved and updated and will provide you with twenty-five percent accuracy.


These are the cool features of the Android 4.4 KitKat. This OS is not available for every phone but recently it has been available for other handsets. If you are the one who wants to flaunt their gadgets with the latest updates than this is one thing you must have.

Will Micromax integrate it into their Canvas series?

Micromax phone is getting more popular today because of the fact that they are incorporating popular features into their phones, which makes it desirable. Micromax users may want to upgrade their devices and enjoy more benefits. As the last version of Android, that is 4.3 Jelly Bean, is yet not available on Micromax devices, it is safe to think that it is some time before KitKat becomes a part of the Canvas series. KitKat offers more speed, better security and lots more features. This OS requires 512 of minimum ram, which is almost in all of the Micromax devices.

Micromax Devices to receive 4.4 KitKat Android Update

  1. Micromax Canvas Turbo
  2. Micromax Canvas 4
  3. Micromax Canvas Doodle 2
  4. Micromax Canvas HD
  5. Micromax Canvas 2
  6. Micromax Canvas Ego
  7. Micromax Canvas 2.2
  8. Micromax Canvas Magnus
  9. Canvas 2 Plus
  10. Micromax Canvas Doodle
  11. Micromax Canvas 3D
  12. Micromax Canvas A200
  13. Canvas HD A116i

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Seeing the growing market of this company, it is likely that all the future handsets of this company will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Since no official info is out yet, we don’t know the exact date when this update will be rolled out for your Micromax device. If you’ve something to share regarding this update, Leave a comment below this post.


  1. deep b says:

    Is there any approximate date??

  2. saikiran says:

    I heard that android 4.4 kitkat is exclusively designed and released for low end devices which have 512mb ram. So the micromax should release an update to the Canvas 2 a110 also(because it has 512mb ram). But i could not find that device above.

    • sumedhs says:

      absolutely right!!

    • kanha bhardwaj says:

      Brother actually there is no OTA(over the air)on canvas 2… there is gonna be no update….sry

      • HArish says:

        Canvas 2 is mentioned above.You can get the update in the same way you got 4.1.1 update on Canvas 2.By downloading stock 4.4 ROM and Flashing your Canvas 2 using SP Tools, you can update

  3. kaleem says:

    can micromax gives all features like gesture control and smart pause etc. like canvas turbo and 4 to canvas hd or its only update the os to 4.4 and please the major problem of micromax is its colour reproduction is not good as compare to any other devices checkout geonee e6,karboon t5,intex i7, this phones are with ips display due to better colour reproduction colour look excellent. Thank u admin

    • Suyash says:

      Canvas turbo has 16M colours display with ~441 ppi density
      which is same as samsung galaxy s4
      better than s3 which is ~331ppi

      • Muneer says:

        Dont have a good sufficient GPU , So does not make a sende

      • Haas uthyo says:

        LOL..why comparing indian brand with samsung? the display quality of s3 is way better. the color depth of those phones are bright and real where as indian brands have faded and low contrast phones. even if s3 has lesser ppi than canvas turbo, it surely beats indian brands hands down.

  4. kaleem says:

    If micromax update the canvas series phones before sony smartphone the sony fans will disappoint and mmx popularity will be increase its good to see which company will win the race of updating phones Indian or foreigner company and mmx canvas along with google nexus series will only hold 4.4 kitkat and all other consumers are in awaiting for update and please forward this message to mmx co founder vikas jain and others thank u

    • I Completely agree with you Kaleem. They have been concentrating on launching new devices and i guess they will start rolling out the updates.

  5. Jai Ganesh says:

    Come canvas 2 plus is a good mobile to hold anything else. Whyyyy? No update released to this phone where it can deserve for all update. Please MMX have to look in to it. Even now driver not made for it. It’s too bad……..

    # I need answer…….

  6. Prasanth says:

    Wat abt the fun series? whether they ll get 4.4 update r not?

  7. Jai Ganesh A says:

    Thanks for the reply. But again u mention “MMX devices” not specified about canvas 2 plus update and driver. Thing is I seen many update releasing for canvas series like 4,doodle 2,HD. Please give news about canvas 2 plus update and I am ready to wait for the update.

  8. rajesh says:

    hi this is rajesh, i want update my micromax cnvas 2 plus,so pls give information about that and bring to my notice to mail

    • Currently for canvas 2 plus, no update is available. Keep checking our blog, we will post about it.

  9. pratik says:

    what is minimum hardware(ram,rom) requirement for kitkat? i have micromax a116 and a110q can i upgrade it with kitkat…. …. and official release date

    • Android 4.4 is specially designed to run on low end devices with just 512MB RAM. Regarding the official date it’s not confirmed yet. Subscribe to our blog You will receive the update regarding that.

  10. ankit jain says:

    I am using canvas 4 micromax how much time to update kitkat 4.4 available on the fon

  11. abhishek pawar says:

    Canvas 2 plus is a very good smart phone . But were is its update option ?

  12. Rajesh says:

    can i install this os in my canvas 2 mobile

  13. Akshay says:

    is kit kat coming in canvas 2 plus

  14. So does micromax canvas 2 plus will get android 4.4 update ????

  15. Tanuj Mavani says:

    I have canvas doodle…can I update it to Android 4.4 ?

  16. sudharsan says:

    Canvas 2 is a star mobile for mmx but why does it take no much care about it and only goes on to canvas 4,doodle etc please do update it for canvas 2 we await much pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase……………………


  17. please tell when will micromax release andriod update fpr canvas HD. My sony Smart watch is not connecting with this phone ..Please tell Me

  18. Pushpendra says:

    Any approximate date??????

  19. shreedhar says:

    Why not “CANVAS 2 PLUS”….???
    Its much better than any mmx devices,even than HD except screan….
    its necessary that canvas 2 plus must get the 4.4 kitkat update..
    and m hopping for the same….!!!!

  20. Mr.Admin: Hello, Gonna buy a Canvas 4 A 210. Suggest me, whether it is a good choice r not. There is a news about canvas 5, should i wait for that or not?. And if i bought canvas 4, would I receive updation of Android 4.4. Pls revert me.

  21. Do we have any update on the 4.3 upgrade for Canvas HD?
    Few days back @MMXNewscaster twitted about the 4.3 upgrade which was “full of bugs and lagging all now and then”. I am not sure if it was the upgrade for Canvas devices they were talking about.


  22. praveen says:

    hi ,
    since all of my friends are having canvas 2 A110 ,please release the official kit kat for the same…this makes every to one fully satisfied…even a110 having 512MB ram..we dont want to go for the custom ROM which is released by the third party…so kindly do the needful…
    hope we(A110 users) got the good news 🙂

  23. Preetham says:

    Hope this time will get 4.4, i am still waiting for 4.3.

    Canvas 4 user

  24. Harshdeep Singh says:

    I am really exited to upgrade my canvas hd to android 4.4….I came to know that android 4.4 can be run on devices with 512mb ram…thats good but I also read somewhere that android 4.4 need some sensors which some low ranged phones may not have so I am confused

  25. vishal says:

    well… its all the rumours.. mmx haven’t said anything abt it officially… mmx canvas hd ,4,doodle 2, magnus nd turbo will get android 4.3 in the last week of December or on the 2 jan of new year… yes kitkat can support 512 mb ram.. but mmx canvas 2 & 2 plus forget abt the 4.4 update.. coz u will never get that officially.. use any other custom rom for your device..(4.3 custom rom is available for ur device)..
    and yes probably the canvas doodle 2 turbo nd 4 can get the kitkat.. but wait for atleast 6 months from now….. mmx is working on its new models.. some new phablets and turbo+ device.. doidle 3.. dont get panic abt the updates.. just wait…

  26. Dr. Abhijeet Kanje says:

    Has anybody having problems of 4.2 upgrade on canvas HD. I m having serious problems.Multiple times hang, recovery mode problems.

  27. Ajaan khan says:

    I Really Need a update for Canvas 2 coz its to Laggy , Guys should think about canvas 2 too coz its your best selling phone and you guys wont make update for that ???? PLz lemme know ASAP

    • Currently 4.1.1 is available for C2. You can update to that.

      • ajaan khan says:

        that i already updated but the problem still there !!! i want a light os like kitkat which can improve my phone performance !! it will be great if ill get kitkat update for canvas 2 ASAP !!!!

  28. once the 4.4 is realeased for canvas 4,will it be available thro air or do i need to go to the service centre i would be really glad if i get a reply
    thanks admin

  29. Ramkishan B says:

    Hi Concern,

    I am eager to see Canvas 5 , do Micromax Canvas 5 will have better features than Turbo holds presently, like : memory slot / ram upgrade / Display with Gorilla Corning with latest version ??

    Thanks : RK

  30. Aishwarya Prateek says:

    Is 4.2 update available for a111 doodle..
    Just let me know ASAP!!

    • No

      • Aishwarya Prateek says:

        But the fun series phones have already received it. .. not even through service center can i get it updated? Coul you plz let me know that, if not now, then by when should we expect the update?

        • Which update they have received?

          • Aishwarya Prateek says:

            The fun series phone a76 already has 4.2.2 .. why isn’t a111 getting a 4.2 update? It’s close to 7 months of its release! Is it due to less RAM? And if not can i get my phone updated to 4.2 without rooting?

  31. Nishant says:

    Is Canvas Magnus liable to get the kitkat update?

  32. shibu mathew says:

    When can i get 4.4 kitkat update i am using canvas turbo plz inform me. And how n from where can i update it ?? Plz let me know.

  33. I am using canvasa240 update 4.3 available on december month

  34. When i scan my cavas 2 plus with quick heal it is showing virus in bilt in app ie mmx game hub (Android. Agent.CE7361)
    How can i remove it because it is in bilt app

  35. shyam karodiya says:

    I have canvas a 110 which is 4.1.1 jelley been..can I update this version.

  36. Bhargav says:

    Hey its already december when is mmx canvas4 gonna get an update?if not 4.4 atleast 4.3 should be available right now as per mmx newscaster…please check on to the problem of os update because the first thing that people care is only android version they dont care about the excellent services it provides………

  37. eshwar says:

    please release update for canvas 2 a110 because its have a real ram issues and got a huge fanfare,…wanna check go facebook and compare with other canvas series

  38. chandan radia says:

    Hi i own a micromax doodle.. its gets excess of heat every now and then… cos of whixh the battery has been bulged.. when checked with the service centers no +ve response available.. this is a gudportal for the info abt mmx.. so can u suggest any thg for it ppls. Since i ve 3 device all of which r experience ing the same prob…

    • Regarding the batter issue, get it replaced. and Do you access internet or play games a lot? Drop more details when it happens? While charging?

  39. Devagya Uikey says:

    Hey I hope the info. here is genuine because I haven’t seen on any other website or blog that MMX canvas series will get update of 4.4, they don’t even rolled out 4.3 yet, if they release it soon there may be chance that canvas series may get’s updated to kitkat, well I’m planning to buy MAGNUS next month, It would be good if MMX release 4.4 for magnus too if it’s going to release for other handsets because then it’ll be real worth it, and above all magnus is far better performer the 4, Doodle 2 and Turbo which make it really promising.

    Your suggestion would help me to make a right purchase.

    • Hi
      I’ve not written above that this update will be available for MMX devices. I’ve just mentioned the possibility of this update to roll out for MMX devices. As you know MMX stopped 4.3 development so there is a chance that Micromax users will directly receive this 4.4 update. Canvas Magnus is a new device with decent specs and should receive android updates.

  40. Ujjwal Pramanik says:

    I have mmx canvas HD A116 with os 4.2. I aggressively awaiting for 4.3, but mmx decleared for not to update 4.3, but not confirm update with 4.4. I am really waitng for new os 4.4, please confirm the same, because i purchase mmx as an INDIAN product. Hope mmx ensure the 4.4 update.

  41. Hemant says:

    i have canvas doodle…… has android 4.4 update??

  42. sanjay says:

    Using canvas 4. But the gps is very bad as it does not able to find any lication even in the clear sky. Used apple even spice phone are able to find the location in closed room before it gets in open air.
    Provide some solution

  43. Sanjay Bhatnagar says:

    Regarding my query of gps not good you have no mention on this page than i was reffered back as answered to my question

    • Sorry Sanjay We recently switched to a new server so there was a glitch with the comment system.

  44. Is their android kitkat update for canvas magnus???

  45. raikir says:

    I am totally into both these phones,canvas magnus and canvas 4.

    Both these devices meets my expections,but only thing i am worried about,
    which one will get future updates like 4.3 Jelly Bean and 4.4 Kitkat,
    though canvas magnus has 1.5Ghz quad core processer i have came some rumors saying camvas 4 is the canvas phone getting Kitkat update.

    Is it true?

    And canvas magnus is not in the list of 4.3 Jellybean and 4.4 kitkat update.

    Can you tell me few things about it.

    Will canvas magnus going to get 4.3 Jelly Bean and 4.4 Kitkat update in future?

    Will canvas 4 going to get 4.3 Jelly Bean and 4.4 Kitkat update in future?

    Kindly help me with these queries so that i can decide my phone between them.

    I will be going for the one which is getting both 4.3 Jelly bean and 4.4 kitkat update.

    Which will you suggest,

    Waiting for your much much appreciated reply.

    Thanks a lot..

    • Hi Raikir
      Nothing is confirmed as of now so we really can’t provide you the information regarding OS updates for MMX Phones. Sorry!

  46. I want it now or I will take a crack!
    Be fast Micromax…..

  47. Anirudh says:

    Hi., i have micromax a90s will I get any os updates for this phone?

  48. Ishant says:

    I bought canvas doodle will I get an update

  49. manuprasad says:

    I am having canvas 4 .can you tell me the exact date when i will i get update for kit Kat

  50. gunjan says:

    i have a mmx canvas HD.
    Do i have any update for this?
    As if any of available like 4.3 or 4.4 please reply me.

  51. sushant says:

    4.4 update available for mmx canvas hd?

    and where it is available? in service centre or any other…….

    • I think they will provide via OTA and yes through service centers too (have to confirm first).

  52. pravin says:

    my micromax canvas A111 doodle OS is 4.1.2 jb is proper not working i want update please suggest mi i want update my phone…..

  53. I have a micromax a76 can i update it into kitkat…

  54. macsen jose says:

    I guess mmx has strte uploading deir uodate on deir severs….

    • admin says:

      I just checked on my phone it displayed: ‘Your system is currently up to date’. Have you checked?

  55. macsen jose says:

    1 of my members of d official canvas hd fb grp has posted a pic saying ” System software update is already in progress.Pls try again later”
    Somethings seriously getting cooked 🙂

  56. Mitul says:

    Canvas HD kitkat 4.4 ??

  57. sreejith says:

    at which date issue the update of A116….

  58. vaman says:

    Hi i am using micromax canvas hd with 4.2.1.
    i want to update with 4.3 or with higher version,IS it possible to update my phone

  59. Hey admin any new thing about the kit kat release on mmx phones

  60. Sujin says:

    Will kitkat work in Micromax Canvas Magnus

  61. Samarth says:

    Im using the canvas turbo but it is still on 4.2 jb but my xperia z is updated to 4.3 so will mmx. give an update for canvas turbo for android 4.3 or 4.4 and when.
    Plzz tell ASAP

  62. Dear Admin Any recent Leaks or Dates Regarding kit kat updates

  63. Aravind Prashanth says:

    Canvas FUN A76 is not listed above. is there any chance that they release kit kat 4.4 for that device?

  64. Jay Patel says:

    SIR…!! HELP … How To RooT My FoNE MiCRoMAX CanNvAs A110 (2) ….

  65. dhruba says:

    My canvas lite is not working properly…its touch going to crazy…like ghost…how to fix??plz tell me…& can I update kitkat in my canvas…. thnx.

  66. gaurav says:

    i have canvas 2 a 110, i’ve already updated its os to JB through mmx services, but after updates my mic button of headphone stop working for media player such as play/pause/change the track do you know something to come over this problem because it was working on ICS.

    • gaurav says:

      and i also want to know about downgrading OS JB to ICS because mmx services saying that it’s impossible to downgrade once you get updates the OS to canvas 2 a110

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Reflash again or flash the ICS ROM again.

  67. rohan says:

    Many Custom roms having android 4.3 and android 4.4.2 are available on Xda-developers.
    Then why wait for official updates??

  68. sapan says:

    the option of smart gesture is missing in canvas2 colours kitkat upgraded..
    how can i get tht optn..??

  69. Ajith Kumar says:

    I alredy have doodle 3(512 mb ram) , I want 4.4.2 update for it , how to get this , pls rely fast.

  70. Upadate for micromax canvas a116 4.2.1 to 4.4.1
    can you help me regarding that

  71. ARINDAM SARKAR says:

    Sir,I have micromax doodle3.How can i update Androad kitkat/lolipop in my phone.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Kitkat is available for Doodle 3, check under our OS updates section.

  72. sir i want to update my micromax canvas A76 to android kitkat version. Is it available on my phone?

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