Android 4.3 JellyBean Update For Micromax Canvas Smartphones

Few days ago Google Announced a new android OS version 4.3 JellyBean while some of us were expecting 5.0 Key Lime Pie but atleast the OS got updated .The First device to get this update was Nexus 7 . Though the news isn’t officially out , we read today regarding this on softpedia . Well Few of the Micromax Canvas Phones will soon be able to get Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to their phone . Canvas 4 was recently launched and this phone will be the first phone in the canvas smartphone series to get this update and then for other phones . Google has also recently released Kit Kat Android v4.4 after Jelly bean 4.3.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Micromax Canvas Smartphone

If you are switching from 4.2 to 4.3 then you will notice only few changes but if you have a phone

with 4.0.4 ICS android OS then you will be amazed to see some new added features . Android 4.3 comes with few new advanced features which you can read on the official site of Google Android . As stated above canvas 4 A210 will be the first Micromax phone to get this update and then Canvas HD will get this update .

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Those phones that are already running on Jelly Bean will surely get this new update but can’t say for those phones running on ICS ,etc .

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How to get Android 4.3 Jelly Bean On Micromax Canvas Smartphone ?

As You all know Micromax has started providing the updates via OTA where users can manually update their phone OS . For this you need to Follow this process – Menu–>Settings–>About Phone–>System Updates –>Check Now!


Take your phone to the Micromax Service Center and ask them to update your Phone’s Android OS . Before doing this make sure you backup all your personal data .


When 4.3 jelly Bean will be available for Micromax Canvas Series ?

The update is expected to come in canvas series in the fourth quarter of 2013 .

Expected Handsets to get this update : Canvas 4 , Canvas Doodle 2 , Canvas HD, Canvas Turbo etc . NOT SURE for other handsets whether they are going to receive this update or not. Depends on the officials for which phones they rolls the update.


UPDATE: For an unknown Reason Micromax has stopped Android 4.3 development for existing/old MMX devices. For more details, Read here.

Once DEV makes this 4.3 OS  available for MMX phones we will post the method to get this on your device manually. Also we hope Micromax will change its mind and provide the update as soon as possible as people expected this update to come from so long. Hope for the best!


  1. vamsi krishna says:

    is there any way of getting the update through OTA for the canvas phones running on android 4.1.2 instead of going to Micromax Service Center

    • admin says:

      Hi Vamsi krishna

      The 4.3 update will be available via OTA in the canvas 4 device first and then in other phones which supports manual system updates .

      • Eran says:

        hello, i’ve the CANVAS 4…
        Do you know exctly the day that it will be via OTA…?
        tryied today (06/08) and not yet )-:


        • admin says:

          The official release date isn’t out yet but we assume that this update
          will be available in the starting of September month .

          • Marshal says:

            but now march month ended but no update? em using canvas 4 but its showing ur phone is up to date but its 4.2.1 android

      • Rohan Jain says:

        When it will come in canvas magnus??

    • Vijay Naik says:

      Hi , tried going throught the canvas setting option, but the option to check updates dosenot comes. Can you suggest . i have canvas doodle A111.

  2. Hetalkumar Bhatt says:

    I have Micromax A110Q (Canvas 2 Plus) but I am not able to see System Updates option in About Phone.

    I want to check update through –> Menu–>Settings–>About Phone–>System Updates –>Check Now! as suggested by you in the article.


    • admin says:

      Hi Hetalkumar Bhatt
      Is there any ‘Software Update’ option present in your settings option . If not either you can update your phone OS by connecting it to your computer with Micromax Driver or you can take this phone to the nearest customer center . They will do this for you .

    • karthik says:

      Yes even i do face the same problem my android version on my CANVAS 2 HD is JB 4.1.2
      And i dont find a Software updates in my Phone It shows Menu->Settings–>About Phone–>Status
      In about phone it starts with Status… and no Software Updates option is found

      Plz can you help viewers to update their android from 4.1.2 to higher versions in the above mentioned case.

      ThanQ waiting for ur reply

  3. harshita says:

    when release a update for jellly bean 4.3? and i have micro max canvas 4

  4. ashley says:

    is this update 4.3 available for canvas music …

  5. anupam sharma says:

    i have canvas hd and my current os is jelly bean 4.12 so how can i update it to jelly bean 4.2, without void warranty

  6. rajesh says:

    is it possible for me to get jelly bean 4.3 on my micromax canvas 2?

    • admin says:

      Micromax hasn’t made its mind to provide 4.3 update officially to canvas 2 . Currently Confirmed devices which will get this update via OTA are Canvas HD , Canvas 4 , etc .

  7. local logu says:

    I have A111 doodle . My phone also have latest upgrade ie: ota apk including . So my doodle will can get that 4.3 update from ota.

    • admin says:

      Yes once Micromax makes this update available via OTA 😀

      • I am using A111 doodle but it do not have option to change font style and software upgrade option when you develop this ? othder company has option

        • admin says:

          As i checked just now, in my Micromax device it is allowing to change the font size only not font style.

          • then what to do ? this is require feature for samrt phone when you are going to upgrade ? and can I upgrage my phone jellybean 4.3 version

  8. Madhav Agrawal says:

    Is there any update for canvas 2 although it is running on android 4.1.1

  9. nelson says:

    hi i am using micromax canvas viva a 72 , in this the skype app is not opening if i am login it says that this divises is not fit for the skype , and in facebook app the video call option is not there ,

    • admin says:

      Hi Nelson
      Since Canvas viva doesn’t have a secondary (front) camera , may be Skype is showing that error but i have seen skype running on phones without front camera . And yes Skype is not compatible with most of the android phones running on android 2.3.6 – that could be a reason for this .

      • Kripa Pilarnekar says:

        Hiii Admin

        My client was asking me if he can upgrade his micromax A72 from 2.3.6 to any highier version

  10. nelson says:

    in canvas viva can we convert the android gingerbread to (ICS)

  11. adi Narayanan ravi says:

    Sir as I am using canvas 2 A110
    Can I upgrade my os to jellybean

  12. Inder Singh Bariya says:

    Want to know when my Micromax Canvas Plus will get 4.3 and how do i know about it also how i will get thia update

    • admin says:

      Once this update gets out , we will inform all our readers .This update isn’t out yet but you can check for updates from settings—>about phone—>system updates .

  13. vikas gothal says:

    I have canvas 2..
    Mere phn ki battry bahut kam chalti h..
    Or mere phn ki handfree bi sahi kaam ni krti. To kya ye handfree or batrry change ho skti h.
    Micromax care se
    26-02-13 ko purchase kiya tha maine ye phn.

    • admin says:

      Suggestion to increase battery life
      1. Close all apps when not in use as they run in background and eats up the battery .
      2. Don’t use internet much . Just switch it off when not in use .
      3. Charge the phone once its get drained fully .

      and about your headphones , you can get them changed from the service center . These parts can be replaced within the first six months of purchase . Same is applicable to the battery .

  14. preethan says:

    Bro der s no system updates in my canvas 2 plus mobile i checked it Menu–>Settings–>About Phone–>System Updates
    there are status model no andriod version build no kernel version thts it no system update at all how could i upgrade my os pls help

    • admin says:

      Hi Preethan
      Your phone runs on android 4.2.1 which is the latest for Micromax phones currently and for your phone no update is available . Let the update gets out officially i will write a tutorial on how you can get this update if your phone doesn’t have any ‘system update’ option .

  15. Om Shedbale says:

    Hello sir,

    How can I get 4.3 for my Canvas HD..

    I don’t see any “system updates” option in settings……pls help

    • admin says:

      Firstly , the update isn’t officially out yet . once this update gets out we will post a separate tutorial for it .

  16. ashutosh says:

    hey is android version of micromax canvas viva a72 updatable

  17. vikash says:

    Will there be any update for canvas 2 ?

  18. piyush says:

    sir i m using canvas music can i update it to frm4.1 to 4.2 android

  19. Uma Sankar says:


    I am using Micromax A116 HD. Can I get any updates now.

    Uma Sankar

    • admin says:

      Micromax canvas HD runs on 4.1.2 by default . 4.2.1 is available via OTA . You can update your canvas HD to 4.2.1 Jelly Bean currently .

      • Sanket says:

        Sir, I have Canvas HD – A116 which Runs on Android 4.1.2 , How to update 4.2.1 – I have checked there is no option for OTA Under Settings / About.

        I contacted nearest Service Center for the Update (4.2.1) – they are ready to provide updates but when I contacted Micromax Support via Email they said there is no update available currently for Canvas HD A116, they are reconsider the update and requires more time. I am Confused, What should I do?

        • admin says:

          4.2.1 is available Sanket , You can visit the service center top get this update if there isn’t any system update option in your phone .

  20. how to move apps to external sd card in micromax canvas hd?

    • admin says:

      You can’t . Canvas HD don’t allow users to move apps to external SD card . You need to root your device to do this .

  21. dipesh says:

    please admin will you say when os update is coming for viva a72…

  22. Devendra says:

    Is the android version 4.3 will be available for canvas music..?

  23. patel Mayur says:

    Can I update 4.3 jelly bean in canvas2 plus?????

  24. siddhant says:

    hiii sir,
    is there any updates avail. for micromax canvas a92 lite…??
    help me

  25. abdul says:

    hai..iam using micromax a110 canvas2..i got updated jb 4.1.1 just one week ago via online..i want to update it possible..if have pls inform…thank u..

    • abdul says:

      thanks yar..
      updated jb 4.1.1 …is too good…interesting…

    • Abdul ,can you tell me the site from where you got your phone updated, I have the same phone and I want to get it updated.
      Thanx in advance.

  26. vedavyas says:

    I had micromax canvs music phone(A88) does it is upgradable to 4.2.1

  27. pankaj rathore says:

    How we can upgrade our canvas doodle to 4.3 Android version because it can’t show the system update in setting

  28. Dreamguy Sunil says:

    Hi bro,
    I have MMX Canvas A72 viva can I know how to reboot the system n is there any higher android version so that I can upgrade my phones version…..

    • admin says:

      No higher android version is available currently for viva and to reboot your smartphone press volume up , down and lock key together .

  29. Nitin says:

    This is regarding a problem am facing in my canvas HD. I went to the authorized MMX service center here in Trivandrum, Kerala in order to update it to 4.2 but unfortunately am experiencing screen flickering issues due to which i have to degrade to the previous version. Service center staff says they have reported the company but no respond or fix came yet. Please do the needful.

  30. karan says:

    How can i upgrade my canvas 2 to android 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 by rooting

  31. Aryan Ganesh says:

    I have canvas 4 . in that having small black dot. Can i replace this in micro max service center. And my mobile produce more heat while using internet.

    • admin says:

      Get your phone checked at the service center . and regarding that heating issue, it’s quite normal .

  32. ANKUR says:

    I have micromax canvas lite a92 phone but i install skype it installed correctly but when I try to test echo test I am un able to hear my own voice & even when i try to call my freind I can hear his voice but he is unable to hear my plz wht to do?

  33. Yogesh says:

    Hey Mr. Admim sir…
    I m using canvas 4 … As stated above canvas 4 A210 will be the first Micromax phone to get android 4.3 update…but When ????
    And plz tell me is this phon limited to 4.3 only ?

  34. adarsh says:

    Hi will thi be avaliable for Canvas doodle 2
    and which shold I buy canvas 4 or doolde 2

    • Yes this update will be available for doodle 2. Canvas 4 and canvas doodle 2 are two similar phones with few differences like the screen size and battery capacity . For further info you can check the compare section where we have listed the difference b/w these two smartphones .

  35. Do u have any info about update for android version ics for micromax a72 and while rooting d phone in d site its written by u about mtk

  36. HI screen flickering problem in my canvas hd phone after 4.2 Upgradation. Do u have any idea what is problem? And is solved in 4.3 Upgradation. Plz replay fast.

    • Hi
      I heard this issue before that HD users who upgraded there OS from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 are facing this problem . One of our reader switched to 4.1.2 back and the problem got solved .

    • Hi Hemin

      I had the same issue…i referred to one of the MMX service center in my area and they told that that the PCB board doesnt support the 4.2 update so they have requested for a PCB board change and i will get it soon


  37. durgesh verma says:

    canvas viva a72 can be update with jellybean 4.2 os

  38. prashant says:

    hi. 20days ago I brought a canvas2plus(A110Q) .
    Now i m facing a problem that sometime my phone doesn’t respond to my touch( finger).
    I have to lock my phone n then again unlock it to work it smoothly.What should i do for it???
    plzzz sugest

    • There can be various issues that is letting your screen behave like this . The best way is to get your phone checked at the service center .

    • kunal vadhwani says:

      can be update canvas doodle(a111) update with 4.2 jelly bean

  39. Micromax canvas viva A72 android updateable..?

  40. subuhan says:

    i have micromax canvas 2 plus can i update it with android 4.3

  41. Anuj Ghadhwal says:

    hey is this update will be avaliable for canvas2. Tnx. in advance.

  42. Can I connect my laptop thru the Micromax canvas-4 A210 smartphone,
    for inrernet access ? I have a SIM with 3G access, on the A210.
    Where do we find a Micromax Suite to do all these stuff ?

    • Yes you can . Download Micromax drivers from the official site

      • Anand S says:

        Hi this is Anand, want to know,
        1. Android 4.3 is available for Micromax Canvas A116
        2. If yes, how and where can we get and update it.
        3. If no, is there any possibilities of getting updates,

        Thanks in advance.

        • Canvas HD will surely get this update. Few days back we shared the details related to the test of 4.3 JB on Canvas HD. Please wait

  43. why not canvas 2 please Micromax give update for canvas 2 also.

  44. Can i upgrade micromax canvas 2 plus Os 4.2 to 4.3 plz reply

  45. when does micromax release 4.3 update for canvas 2 plus(a110q)

  46. hey pls reply fast
    i brought canvas 2 plus how cam i upgradable to 4.2 into 4.3 plss tell me???plss

  47. Dear admin,
    I want to know that Is there any manual update available for micromax canvas doodle A111 4.1.2 to 4.2 jellybean…..
    if available please post the link or method to do so……..

  48. hi
    i have micromax canvas a88 (music) can i up date its OS ?

  49. Hi,
    I have Canvas A110 so is there any chances to get updates from 4.1.1 to next version ? or how will i go for it?

  50. Battery issue with Micromax canvas 2 a110… is getting discharged within 2 hours……only n if I use internet ….it discharge in 1 hour only…plz help I took it in June 2013 only n very soon am facing so many problems with Micromax……plzzzz help with battery issue…

  51. Shivam Malhotra says:

    Hi admin!! I’ve canvas 3d a115 & similarly to other devices, this one also not has a option for system update…. So shud I go to the service center now or wait for the update of android 4.3??

  52. How to connect a110 for transfering media file…..i had tried a lot by enabling debugging mode but it didnt…………it will charged but did connect to computer……… .. .plz try to give solution ..m very very thankfull to u

    • Hi Anfal
      Don’t tick on USB debugging, if you do so your phone can’t be used for transferring the media files. Just connect your phone with USB cable and click on connect. That’s it.
      Turn USB debugging OFF

  53. thank u micromax for giving this 4.3 to canvas doodle

  54. cyrus chingle says:

    is there any jb update 4.2 or above for micromax canvas 2 A110??

  55. Lakshmana Raja says:

    mine’s is micromax canvas doodle .
    but in my phone there is no option named system updates under about phone what should i doo…..

  56. Plaston Mac says:

    Hai shivam,
    Is 4.3 upgrade available for canvas 2 (A110)?

  57. I have a canvas hd but i am not getting the option of software update in my about phone in the setting. plz help

  58. saurabh patil says:

    i have canvas HD when 4.3 jelly bean os is available to any website please inform me at my

  59. Vatsal doshi says:

    I have Micromax A115 (Canvas 3d) but I am not able to see System Updates option in About Phone.

    I want to check update through –> Menu–>Settings–>About Phone–>System Updates –>Check Now! as suggested by you in the article

  60. karthik says:

    I am not able to find system update option in my canvas 2 plus a110q

  61. B Shyam Sundar Rao says:

    I am Using Micromax Canvas HD A116 Mobile for past 5 Months and which was running on Android 4.1.2 . I want to upgrade my mobile from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 .

    How to update my mobile. if after updating how is the response . where i will get the files to update.

    • Guide is present on our site through which you can get 4.2.1 on C.HD. Check out our OS Updates Section.

  62. Rohan Sardana says:

    Heya Admin ,

    I want to buy Canvas Doodle A111 . I wanted to know that it will get 4.3 update or not ?? I am confused as it has not got 4.2 update as well…Please confirm and tell me that it will get 4.3 update or not? and if yes then probably when?


  63. Hetalkumar Bhatt says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am using Canvas 2 Plus for last 4 months. It is really nice phone and working fine. I just want to confirm can we install regional font (unicode font) so we can read & write text in regional languages like Gujarati, Hindi. If it is possible then please guide me how to do the same.

    Also waiting for JB Ver 4.3 for my phone.

    Thanks for your support.

    Best Regards
    Hetalkumar Bhatt

    • Yes there are some apps available ion play store. You can install them to read and write in regional languages.

  64. hi dear, will you please tell me that how to update canvas 2 plus using pc?? because there is no no option to update system in phone as you mentioned in your post…. so please tell me how to update using pc…. waiting

  65. Arnav Dogra says:

    hi admin!
    i m using micromax canvas a88 n i m not able to update it from jelly bean 4.1.1 to 4.2. Please help……

  66. Is the update available for micromax canvas music a88?

  67. hi iam using canvas lite can i upgrade my android version?

  68. sachait says:

    i have canvas lite a92..running on 4.1.2 jellybean i have nt received any updates am i supposed to do this??

  69. H I want to format my mobile Canvas 2 and Install Android Jelly bean 4.2.1 How to do it ? My mobile is not in waaranty.

  70. Yashmeet says:

    I have my canvas 2 running on 4.0.4 ics . How to update to jelly bean and updates in system updates is only not coming and transition is not so smooth

  71. Hi,
    I am using canvas 2 from the past 8 months. I went to micromax service centre in lajpat nagar delhi to update my phone to JB 4.1.1, but they denied and told there is no update for canvas 2 with JB only A116 have and for canvs 2 there is no official update.

    Is there any other way to update my canvas 2 to JB? Kindly help…

  72. can i upadate my micromax viva A72 please suggest any trick or idea

  73. Dear sir,
    am using Micromax canvas 2 ,ICS OS.
    its possible to update Jelly bean OS?

    • Hi Prabhu
      Yes you can get 4.1.1 on your C2 device. Check out the guide present in ‘OS Updates’ section.

  74. When we will switch to is 4.3.. Am using Micromax canvas HD

  75. vignesh says:

    i’m vignesh, im using canvas 4
    the background colour of canvas 4 menu is black, can i change it into wallpapers of the home screen
    pls help………..;(

    • Swapnil says:

      Yes, You have several themes to change the background image. Just browse and download them.

  76. nagaveena says:

    is there any update for the A100 beyond the stock 4.0.4 V1 which shipped with the phone?

  77. Hi.

    So, Canvas music is not gonna get the update? 🙁


  78. s nehra says:

    Any software for HD canvas a116 connecting to window 8. I am not able to connect to PC for window… plz any solution

  79. lalit patel says:

    i have canvas hd and its showing your system is up to date when i try to update,
    when can i upgrade my canvas hd with 4.3?

  80. Lalit Patel says:

    I have canvas hd with jelly ben 4.2
    When will the micromax roll out 4.3 via ota…?

  81. Lalit Patel says:

    And yes is micromax solved system ui has stoped issue in 4.3?

  82. Aon Haider says:

    Hi Admin,
    I went to MMX S CNR for getting update for my C3, after getting update 412 to 421 its screen started blinking on every second the CCExutive asked me to submit my phone for whole 20 days which is not possible for me. Kindly tell me the city or place where I can get my device fixed in couple of days but if I’ve to submit my phone for whole 20 days i think my business would dead which is not possible for me. If we won’t get proper service then y would I spend 13k for MMX.
    Kindly reply.

    • Simply switch to 4.1.2 back and let the stable version gets out. I’ve also heard people complaining about the same.

  83. hi sir micromax ke kon kon se canvas series mai 4.3 update aa rhwe hai
    suggest pls

  84. Nimesh Patel says:

    Updated to official 4.2.1 on MMX HD. thanks a lot 🙂 When the update 4.3 for HD released?

  85. Mohamed says:

    i have mmx canvas a111……once i rooted it with framaroot…….but after service root isn’t exist……and now framaroot is also not working……plz guide me with some way to root my device………

  86. arulkumar says:

    I have Micromax A110Q (Canvas 2 Plus) but I am not able to see System Updates option in About Phone. Pls Help me How to update my mobile phone.

  87. Subham Singh says:

    Can administration pls tell me when the 4.3 android update will be available for canvas 2 A110

  88. Rajesh says:

    Hi i have been using my canvas hd since months and i updated to 4.2.1 through service center few months back and there was an icon in the menu called ” software” for OTA from Micromax. Today i had to give my phone in service center for some proximity sensor issue and they reinstalled my software. But after that im not able to find out the icon in menu. My version is 4.2.1 only but software icon is missing. Am i able to do OTA update if they release 4.3? Im worried. System update option is there in about phone settings. Please help. How can i get back that icon in my menu as before???

  89. Kamal agarwal says:

    Hi, I have a canvas 2 will I get an 4.2 update for my phone and one more thing does canvas 2 have or support ota

  90. Bhushan Desginer says:

    sir… iam using canvas viva its android verison is 2.3.6 wich is most popular android verison….but my friends cheated me plzz telll me can I update my phone to 4.0 ics

  91. Dr Bhignesh Patel says:

    I have a different problem
    l purchased canvas HD 2 months ago and at that time display problem
    Display light has been dimful dimful
    So I go near Micromax care for solution that…they repair
    but now no change that’s problem

    • Check the brightness settings. Set it manually or visit any other service center present near your location.

  92. Aniket Agarkar says:

    How to do update via OTA in Micromax Canvas HD A116, I currently have Jelly Bean 4.2.1, Can i update to 4.2.2 or 4.3?
    Everytime I go to setting -> About Phone-> Software update, it tells me there is no network connection and then shows software is upto date.

  93. Mayur Patel says:

    i hava canvas 2,
    can i update it 4.3 or 4.2?

    • No, Only 4.1.1 is available currently. The guide is present on our site under ‘OS Upgrade’ section.

  94. Mohan Raj says:

    Hi I am using Micromax doodle A111 I want to update my version 4.1.2 to4.2.2 but there is no software update wat to do now pls reply

  95. kavish says:

    i am having canvas 2 plus is update for dis set is also available for android 4.3 if yes plz rply

    • The update will be rolled out first for canvas 4 , doodle 2 and canvas HD. and may be later for canvas 2 plus.

  96. locallogu says:

    Admin I need Micromax ftp site username and password . Kindly send to my mail I’d. (Old username and password not work . )

  97. Pankaj Dhiman says:

    Is 4.2 jelly bean available for canvas 2 in future or not?than in advance

  98. ragesh says:

    guys i’m using micromax canvas 3D A115 now my current version is 4.1.2 but there about phone > no option called “software update” ! how i can check ?

  99. Bhavin Vaghela says:

    i have micromax a88 music. which is latest android version available for micromax canvas music A88?

  100. shehbaz khan saif says:

    can i upgrade my canvas 2 android version in jellybean 4.3, i have installed jellybean 4.1.1 by rooting and what is jellybean 4.3 minimum requirements for installation

  101. shubham says:

    hiiii admin can u plzz tell me that can I upgrade my canvas viva android version after rooting my phone plzzz give me link of the process to be used and software used to upgrade my android version

  102. shehbaz khan saif says:

    i download jellybean 4.3 but not try yet can i try to install same as i install jellybean 4.1.1 and if its not work can i reinstall jellybean 4.1.1 i hv setup


    I have a micromax canvas viva a72. can i update my phone os gingerbread 2.3 to another any version.
    please admin send me feedback on my mail address.
    thank you,,,,,

    • We will post the details to upgrade once the update comes out officially for canvas viva.

  104. Jaimin Chauhan says:

    i have Micromax Canvas Lite A92 and I want update os in my mobile.
    now JB 4.1.2 OS in my Mobile and no Software update Option in About phone Option so how to update OS JB 4.3 in Mobile??

  105. kavish says:

    i am having canvas 2 plus n dere is no option of system updates plzz suggest what should i do n check updates..

  106. himanshu says:

    pls admin contact to me
    ..i want to tll u about your canvas 2 itsnot smartphone m.getting many pro and service centers are also not good

  107. arulkumar says:

    hi i have canvas 2 plus. i not able to connect wifi. pls how to solve this problem??????????

  108. ashish patel says:

    hi ,i am using micromax canvas a72 (viva ) …… can i upgrad my phone into android ice-cream sandwich or jellibeen 4.0.0,4.0.1…? if yes ,than how can i upgrad my phone for better performance

  109. pritesh says:

    i have a canvas 2 plus can i update my phone ?? i have 4.2.1 and i have to make 4.3

  110. sachin kumar says:

    i have micromax canvas lite after many trying i am not using whatsapp whats the problem i m fully confused to take this matter i think i have done a big mistake to purchase micromax plz give solution at earleast

  111. swarnalatha says:

    hi , am using A110Q canvas 2 plus with 4.2.1 jelly bean and i can’t find any upgrade option in my phone … so how can i upgrade 4.2.2 os …. plz tell me.

  112. Hi…I am using Canvas Viva it having any root method with phone itself and having any,new upgradable android 2.3.6 framework …

  113. Rahul Gosain says:

    i have a canvas hd can i update my phone ?? i have 4.1.2 and i have to make 4.3

  114. Antony Gabriel says:

    Hi, I need to upgrade my micromax A110Q to Android 4.3, I dn’t know how to do, In my phone I am notable to find system upgrade in About phone, please help me

  115. sachin says:

    hello sir
    just bought canvus 4.the system crashes frequently. canvus 4 flashes frequently on screen and system restarts. please help me.

    • Sachi take the phone immediately to the service center.

    • Nitish says:

      I thing the memmory card contain virus
      Pls contact to micromax care to software update ur phone
      Dont use ur old memmory card until formate
      The virus spreads in every folder

  116. krunal says:

    I have canvas 4 with os 4.2.1..
    Can i upgrade it??

  117. Saravanan says:

    Friend i’m useing mmx ddl à111
    I’m so impressive when I saw ur post’s
    i’m still waiting for ur new updates …….
    Pls do it quikly………..i like to chang the version ……so pls …do it quikly frnd……
    all the best

  118. Shubham Sonawane says:

    Dose canvas hd has an OTA update if yes how to see that if not then how should a mobile without OTA can be updated directly on mobile without going to service center or connecting it to computer.
    And one more Q when dose canvas hd will get it 4.3 update or it may be too long for it now its November months but still no such news
    If we proceed with such speed then when we will get 4.4 update

  119. Arvind Singh says:

    Hi first of all thanks I had upgraded to jellybean 4.1 successfully with your Help. (A110)….. query is can I upgrade to 4.3 again is it possible…….reply pls

  120. Anoop Singh says:

    Hi Can u tell me that new update of jelly bean has been announced on HD and When we can get that

  121. Suyash Oak says:

    What about Micromax Canvas Turbo
    I took it just a few days ago
    When will the update available for this phone

  122. Krut Mehta says:

    Hey is this update available for micromax magnus A117 device for android 4.3………i have micromax magnus a recently launched device but it has a version of 4.2.1 jelly bean in it so will be able to turn my device to 4.3 jelly bean waiting for your reply…..asap thank you

  123. Gaurav Pandav says:

    I got bad news for all micromax users waiting for 4.3 jellybean update.On twitter MMXNEWSCASTER tweeted on 2nd NOVEMBER about Micromax has stopped working on 4.3 Jellybean OS.
    They said “For an unknown reason Micromax apparently stopped Android 4.3 development for all its existing smartphones”.

    Check this link on MMXNEWSCASTER –
    Or this link-

  124. Shrinagesh says:

    Am looking for updating my A110 from 4.1.1. Kindly let me know if i can update to what version and how .


    please help

  125. Dinesh Singh says:

    I have doodle A111 nd I want update my software version 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 pls send me the link from where I can do it.

  126. Hi,

    Am using Micromax A116 HD , 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Version , I don’t find any option to upgrade in Settings here. Suggest how do I upgrade this to Android 4.3 JB updation myself. What I need to download an how do I install in my phone.

  127. Manohar says:

    Still waiting for the update. I’m on a canvas 4

  128. Bhargav Zaveri says:

    Plz let me know if my micromax canvas a92 can b updated to 4.2.2..

  129. priyank says:

    i have mmx canvas a115 3d , as you told that to go to Menu–>Settings–>About Phone–>System Updates –>Check Now! …. but there is no option in my phone and also can you tell me how to update android 4.1.2 to 4.3 using computer officially …

  130. Rajdeepsinh says:

    I wants to update my canvas Lite A92 to 4.3.
    Please give me suggestion…

  131. pratik says:

    hey admin is 4.3 available for canvas HD a116 . please inform because I have no software update option in about device menu.

  132. what is the new update for canvas2 a110

  133. Sir,
    can I ever update my mmx canvas viva (a 72)
    I mean will there be a software update in the future?

  134. Anshumant says:

    Tired by seeing the release date of mmx canvas HD using the 4.2.1 from long time
    When it will come..
    The customer care no. Never diled

  135. Jayesh Panchal says:

    My micromax cenvas a110 update 4.2.2 please suggests sir
    I one time update for 4.1.1update

  136. Narayan Gore says:

    Dear admin i bought Canvas 4 last month and i tried to update Android version to kitkat but its not available. so i called customer care they said go to service center so i did that too, when i went there they said its not came yet… !!!! i am fed up with their service…is there any possibilities in this month or coming month???

    • The update for your device isn’t available yet. Keep checking our site for more information.

  137. Rahul Jain says:

    Sir, My phone doesn’t show “software update” option in “about phone” setting. Even I’ve complained about it in service center. But they couldn’t solve it. Can you tell me the way I can solve it using my PC? Or Can you tell me the method of updating software without using OTA service

    • Micromax hasn’t started providing Android updates via OTA so that option isn’t required as of now.

      • Hi Rahul,
        Iam facing the same issue with my mobile it doesn’t show the software update option
        i write it here many times last night also, but everytime admin deleted my post
        if you find any solution please update here

        also if anybody can help me out, i want to use the mobile intenet in my laptop
        using the phone bluetooth as iam doing with my nokia phones as wifi consumes a
        lot of battery

        • The above question has already been answered on the site many a time, that could be a reason why the other moderator might have deleted your comment.
          Software update option – Micromax hasn’t started rolling updates OTA so this option is useless currently. For your second question we will need to write a detailed guide. Please wait.

  138. Rahul Jain says:

    Sir, I’ve seen “software update” option in canvas turbo and canvas 2+ in my friend’s phones. So it is a lie that micromax doesn’t provide OTA feature.
    Is there any downloading link to download this type of app? Must reply

  139. Raghav Agrahari says:

    Sir plzplzplz tell me that any update or upgrade xwill come for mmx canvas lite A92 plzplzplz……..

  140. Rahul Jain says:

    Sir, then please tell me how could i update my software without going to service center. Also give me the link to update my canvas 2+ stock ROM without rooting it.

  141. tarun joshi says:

    admin u delete my comment every time plz give ans to me
    can I update my canvas a115 to 4.4

    • admin says:

      The same question has already been answered many a times. Android 4.4 is not available for your MMX devices currently.
      The other moderator might have deleted your comment.

  142. Atul says:

    Hey I have a canvas music running 4.1.1 is there any update available for my device Thanks in advance

  143. yogesh mane says:

    is there android update for canvas a72 viva? ?????

  144. suraj chavan says:

    Sir i have micromax canvas lite a92
    Any update available

  145. Prateek says:

    Hey I have Canvas 2 Plus A110q but can’t seem to find an option to update or to check for update in the about phone and the whole settings of the phone either. What shall I do, also I dont really lie nearby a MicroMax service center.
    Please help. Here is a snapshot of what my settings look like.


  146. sharad says:

    i am using micro max a110, as you have suggested to update the mobile i have tried several of times but cant see any affect or effect in my mobile its shows it will take few mints .. but cant see any updates in my mobile i have turned off every application only tried to update my mobile but no effect.

  147. Akhilesh kumar says:


  148. Aditya Soni says:

    Hello..Sir..Will Micromax Provide Lollipop Update On Canvas Knight Cameo a290..Plzz Help

  149. manish patel says:

    Hi sir i have canvas a121 elanza 2 mobile with android 4.3 so any update is avalible or official rom file of kitkat

  150. Sir plzzz help me my phone Micromax Canvas LITE A92 have don’t coming Update 2 years… ago full hang In Settings > About phone > Only status are showing no System Update and Software Update how can update/ Upgrade android or phone Version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Plzzzzzz Sir help me:(

  151. pratyush says:

    When will kitkat version of micromax a114 will be available????

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