Micromax Android 4.3 Rollout Phase: Doodle 2, Canvas 4, Canvas HD

It’s confirmed! Few of the Micromax smartphones will soon receive 4.3 android update on their devices. MMXNewsCaster tweeted yesterday that the roll out process of 4.3 will be initiated first to canvas Doodle 2, Canvas 4 and Canvas HD. We’ve been receiving lots of queries exactly when this update will be rolled out officially. The official date isn’t officially disclosed yet but it is confirmed that these three devices will surely receive this update.

Micromax Android 4.3 Update

We previously shared the screenshots of the testing mode on canvas devices which you can check below.

Availability of Android 4.3 Jelly bean on Micromax Canvas Doodle 2, Canvas 4 & Canvas HD

As already stated above, the date isn’t disclosed yet but we are present here to give you the update. Subscribe to our newsletter we will inform you whenever this update will be available.

Yesterday we posted a screenshot which showed the new camera interface on Canvas HD. I’m posting that screenshot below, this is one of the feature Android 4.3 possess.

Micromax 4.3 Android Camera UI on Canvas HD Testing Screenshot

There are loads of other exciting features offered by Android 4.3 jelly bean like Restricted Profiles, Bluetooth Smart Ready, Dial-pad Autocomplete, Notification Access, Simplified Setup Wizard, OpenGL ES 3.0,Bluetooth AVRCP,Location accuracy features via Wi-Fi scan only mode, Keyboard & input, Hindi support lands on Android 4.3,New Camera UI.

To know more about 4.3 Jelly bean update, head over to the official Google Android site.


Ways to get Android 4.3 on Canvas HD, Doodle 2, Canvas 4

Micromax will provide this update via OTA where you can update this phone yourself with a single click. How to check this update has arrived for your phone or not?Follow

Settings–>About Phone–>System/Software Update–>Check Now.


Those people who don’t see any option like this can upgrade Android OS either by visiting the Micromax service center once this update gets rolled out officially or can upgrade manually. We will post that guide soon, let the update come out.

Micromax Canvas HD 4.3 Update Testing


Doubts must be addressed via the comment box present below.


  1. Are these the only ones getting updates or would any other would get updates too?

  2. will there be any update for canvas 2 have(4.1.1)jellybean will there be any update of 4.2 or 4.3 plzz reply me & thanks

  3. IshaqZaada Boy Rishabh says:

    I have an canvas hd with samHD v4 stock rom(galaxy s4 rom).
    Any idea when the update officialy release ?

  4. bro plz confirm the date of the update im using Canvas 4

    • The official date is not confirmed, the update is expected to be released in few days.

      • Bijaya hapa says:

        other guys are using the upgraded version . why micromax only not providing the upgraded version .

  5. Amit Kumar says:

    I’m going to buy a canvas device…@admin plz suggest me whether canvas HD or canvas EGO which is better…? and in future can canvas ego get these android updates…?

  6. Pankaj Aatas says:

    What are the main different between 4.1.2 n 4.3 in Canvas HD…?
    and do any one have address of Ahmedabad micromax service centre.

  7. nissan shah says:

    i have canvas hd the official update has been relese of jellybean 4.3 how update it pls help me

  8. Bijaya Thapa says:

    I’m using canvas HD . How to update the version of android 4.1.2 to 4.3 . When will I get the upgraded version . Plz reply with the date .

    • admin says:

      The update isn’t rolled out yet. Once it is available we will post a guide stating how to update your phone OS.

      • Bijaya hapa says:

        if other company can use the upgraded version then why not micromax.

        • admin says:

          Which Phone you are using mate?

          • Bijaya Thapa says:

            I’m using canvas HD

          • Bijaya Thapa says:

            Will I get 4.3 version of android in my canvas HD . And when will I get this upgraded version.

          • admin says:

            We will post a guide if 4.3 will come to old canvas devices running on 4.1.2 or 4.2.1 jelly bean. Keep visiting our site for updates.

  9. shyam says:

    Mmx say’s that hd ,4…. And many phone of first phase Are first andriod phone to get 4.3 update among all

    But its is take tooo much time to say released date then when mmx officially release the updateit might would take november- december till that time samsung and sony would release its update to most of its handsets.

  10. I am using the model A110Q. Presently running 4.2 I suppose.

    I have checked in about phone, the entire “check for update option” it self is missing..

    There are few question I am having,

    First, how do I bring back the default option of checking update?? (Settings -> about phone -> check for update) Since its missing from my phone menu..

    Secondly, is there is words whether A110Q would receive 4.3 officially??

    Third, since the specs are very similar to HD, can A110Q be installed with the update given to canvas hd (manual method)??

    Thanks in advance..

    • admin says:

      The update will be rolled out to these three devices in November (may be). Not sure whether this update will be available on your device or not.

  11. anonymous says:

    don’t erase again my posts.
    or u will find our web missing.
    inform the public.
    update will come with release of a new handset.
    to not shadow it.
    got that ?!

    • admin says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      We don’t accept duplicate comments, moreover the email id and site you entered was not valid so it was marked as spam by anti spam software.

  12. MõHìT PãTêL says:

    Hey dude can plzzzz say me when itzz gonna cme….update 4.3 fro canvas hd………plzzzzz….any idea…….:)

  13. vikram says:

    dear sir canvas doodle a111 mai 4.1.2 ko 4.2 mai update horha h kiya agr ho rha h toh kese hoga

  14. neelansh says:

    hey! what about the people who themselves updated the phone…. ie i have got 4.1.2 and i myself updated it to 4.2.1 so my mobile has also got the system software function… so would it be able to update using it?
    Secondly in which month would be the update JB 4.3 send via AIR??

  15. honey malhotra says:

    Hiiiiee i have canvas hd 4.2 i want to upgrade 4.3 plz sent me link

  16. honey malhotra says:

    Hello r u there plz suggest me how to upgrade canvas hd 4.3

  17. ravi teja says:

    Is canvas 4 better or canvas hd

  18. kaleem says:

    Can mmx will also update kitkat soon and when micromax canvas series will get official update to 4.3

  19. adarsh says:

    hai admin,
    I have micromax canvas hd a116 but i cant find any software update option ,
    ie how to check updates from phone.I have gone to settings–>About Phone–>
    but i can only find status,legal information &……,there is no system updates please help me with this.????

  20. adarsh says:

    there is no system update option in micromax canvas hd a116 in settings>>>about phone>>

  21. Is it possible to upgrade it outside. I mean directly can I just download and install the 4.3 in my Canvas HD ?

  22. sasikumar says:

    There is no update sotware in settings->About Phone ->? what to do

    • Mahesh Rathod says:

      sasikumar you have to update your canvas HD from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 first to get the update option,
      then u can only update to 4.3 version OTA when available.

  23. Srikanth says:

    I am planning to buy Micromax canvas 2 plus, many people say ROM 1 has freezing problems. And also
    Unlike HD116 and Canvas 4,there is no option to upgrade to 4.3 ,, is it true? or will this mobile will get 4.3 update?

  24. Dear Admin,

    I upgraded my A116 to 4.2.1 and my phone is flickering when i unlock it and during incoming calls.

    I even tried factory data reset, still facing the same problem. Could you please help me on this

    Thank you

    • Hi Kamal
      Many people are facing the same issue after upgrading to 4.2.1, this is the reason why Micromax took back 4.2.1 update for Canvas HD. Switch back to 4.1.2 – that’s the only thing you can do now

      • Dear admin.. my prob was solved after installing S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_13_FLASHER_USER

        • Great

        • Hey kamal how did u install the above mentioned thing
          I am new to android i have a doodle 2 suddenly one day when i open the menu it opens in slow motion… when i press the lock key it takes more than 5secs juat to lock the phone
          my version is 4.2.1 please help

  25. Is 4.3 update is for canvas 2plus too.
    i.e canvas A110Q

  26. Kumar GP says:

    Hi, When can we expect an update to Android 4.3 for Canvas 2 Plus (a110q) ? Also, there is no System Updates available on this phone. Please assist.

  27. Omkar Mirkar says:

    Hi I am glad to have powerful phone like canvas hd and i wanted micromax Devs to add some more which i would like to list for next update.

    My query is: Whom can I approach to for requesting additional features?…………

    1) OTG to have Ethernet interface to be added also the same UI under settings (as will as current mass storage feature).
    2) Wifi to have monitoring capability.
    3) Camera focus to be manually adjusted.
    4)Recovery with proper back and forward feature (i get stuck in adb sideload feature when i try to cancel side load)
    5)Permissions managment in under application manager.
    6)Multi user login feature (as i see there is adduser & addgroup binary when i CD /system/bin)
    7)More supported USB drivers.
    8)WIFI direct.
    and many more features request to be made to Miromax.

  28. Prasanth says:

    i m using A74… in my mobile there s a icon called “SOFTWARE UPDATE”…. whether it can be used for updating my mobile to 4.3

  29. Sameer says:

    Hi Admin,

    Its November 6 today, Can you please tell us the precise date when the guide and the update available for 4.3. I have canvas HD and I dont have option of softer update in my ‘About Menu’ option.

    Many thanks,
    Sameer Surve

    • Sameer we don’t have the confirmed date when this update will be rolled out. Keep checking our blog, we will post about the same.

  30. subhendu says:

    when I click on ‘Systems update’ the message pop is ‘Your system is currently up to date’. And then another message pops up as ‘Network Connection failed’. This happens when my 3G connection and WiFi is active.

  31. Raviraj says:

    Whether canvas 2 can get any update after 4.1.1?

  32. Daniel says:

    When canvas hd will update im waiting for this update. When it wil up date

  33. basil benny says:

    Today is dec. 1st and still there is no 4.3 update. Can we get the update atleast in december. Every other handset trying to rollout 4.4 update and we still in android 4.2.1

    • Unfortunately Micromax has stopped Android 4.3 development for existing devices.

      • TANUJ V. PARIKH says:

        Very disappointing news….so we have to be with old OS…that too without ‘software update’ option….so no improvement expected….so many features missing in Micromax A110Q as it is there with Samsung like contacts, calendar, tasks, no Gujarati font support and many more….

        Tanuj Parikh

  34. Swapnil says:


    Please let us know when is the 4.3 update coming for Canvas 4? It’s already 10th Dec now.


  35. Dheeraj says:


    I am using Micromax HD A116 , and has 4.1.2 i want to upgrade the latest os , suggest the latest os and how to upgrade it.

    • Currently Jelly Bean 4.2.1 is available for A116, if you want to update follow the guide which is present under ‘OS updates’ section of our site.

  36. Shivam Puri says:

    Is there any date for getting my cnvs Hd updated with 4.3 or 4.4?
    I have been waiting for it since 4 mnths ago man!
    Always admin says that the date is unexpected.
    My phone says that your software is up-to-date and with that a message pops up “network connection failed”.
    Will you please tell me is that is there any chance of getting our phone updates or purchasing mmx phones is a big mistake?

    • Hi Shivam
      Micromax indicated about the upcoming Android 4.3 update but a recent rumors states that MMX has stopped Android 4.3 development for existing devices.

  37. MuN Ahmed says:

    plz,,tell me ,when i will get the update 4.3 on my canvas hd …

  38. Hi I want to update 4.3 version in my canvas 4..plz tell me that how to update?

    It’s available for my phone or not..


  39. Manish says:

    Device: Micromax Canvas HD.

    I see that Micromax has stopped the development over Android v4.3. However, this phone has strong features and good hardware (rarely seen at this price). And this being the very reason, phone still has higher market demand. I bought a new one, a week back. I would suggest the phone could be made upgraded to 4.4v, instead. This would help the market retention of the device. I have a weird issue though! Whenever I try to manually check for the system upgrade (option inside Settings), it gives me an error “Network Connection Failed”. I checked this over active & working Internet connection on both WiFi and 3G. I know, this will have fairly simple resolution and there should be some minor steps to fix. Could this be helped, please?

    • admin says:


      The option is of no use currently. We will post a solution for it once the update rolls out OTA.

  40. riya says:

    Hey admin!..m using doodle 2..is there any update coming forward?

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      As of now we don’t have any news regarding the update. Once we have the information regarding the updates we will surely post it o our site.

  41. Riya says:

    Okay ty!

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